WARMER MIXTAPES #481 | by Ant Pomponio [S U R F I N G] and Hayden Luby of Cadillac

SIDE A | by Hayden Luby

1. Phoenix | If I Ever Feel Better
This is definitely my favourite Phoenix track. My older brother introduced me to these guys when I was 15. I still think it's the best Phoenix record. One of my other favourite Phoenix tracks is on this album too - Funky Squaredance... Wow!

2. Crazy Penis | There's A Better Place!
This track features a sample from the Chocolate lord, Willy Wonka. The way they use the sample and build around it is just awesome. It turns into a 7min Funk/House jam that leaves me in a good mood.

3. The Rolling Stones | Miss You
It's all about the bass lick for me. So much attitude and passion!!

4. America | A Horse With No Name
I always use to hear this song at dinner parties my folks would have when I was young. I love listening to it now because it brings back those memories.

5. The Beach Boys | Good Vibrations
I usually burn a CD for the drive to the beach. This track is on every one of those CDs. It is drenched in Summer vibes. Just ridiculous!

6. Dire Straits | Sultans Of Swing
The only artist I listened to when I drove from L.A. to Vegas last year. The perfect soundtrack when driving through the desert. Can't get enough of that guitar melody.

7. Michael McDonald | I Keep Forgettin'
I only discovered Michael McDonald about a year ago. He is quickly turning into one of my favourite song writers.

8. Chuck Berry | Johnny B. Goode
This was one of my favourite tracks growing up, and it's also featured in one of my favourite films - Back To The Future (Part 1). Double YES!

9. Al Green | Let's Stay Together
I was lucky enough to see Al Green live in San Francisco at Outside Lands Festival in 2010. He came on late afternoon and killed it. So glad I got to see him perform live!

10. Fleetwood Mac | Dreams
Fleetwood Mac has a major influence on me when I'm thinking about lead melodies and structure of what I'm writing. Timeless, powerful songs!

SIDE B | by Ant Pomponio

1. Eddie Hazel | California Dreamin' (The Mamas & The Papas Cover)
I've always wanted to go to California, to me it seems like the birthplace of Summer. This version by Eddie Hazel is pretty rare, it's not often you hear a cover song that's this good.

2. Future World Orchestra | Desire
I'm pretty big on Eighties Pop music and as far as songwriting goes, this is as simple and catchy as it gets. If modern bands could write these kinds of songs, then I’d have no problem listening to the radio.

3. Washed Out | Feel It All Around
The best Chillwave jam ever made I reckon. If I'm having a bad day or feeling a little stressed, this one gets me back on track every time.

4. Cream | Tales Of Brave Ulysses
These lyrics were written by Australian artist Martin Sharp and it's pretty much a major reference for our songwriting, if it's not on this level, it's no good. The cover art for this album is amazing, also done by Martin Sharp.

5. Pond | Sunlight Cardigan
An odyssey of a song, by probably the most gifted group of dudes in Australia. These guys have pure energy and their live shows are the closest thing you can get to the 1970’s. If you haven't got their recent album, you've been left behind.

6. The Dee Dee Dums | The Serpentine
Early Tame Impala... This is one many foreigners probably haven't heard, it didn't make their album. It's about the Serpentine Falls, a huge water dam that people go swimming in back in my hometown Perth, reminds me of home everytime.

7. Sun Araw | All Night Long
This hazed out jam goes for 12 minutes, I wish it went for 212 minutes. You can literally leave this on repeat all night.

8. Omar Souleyman | Atabat
A Syrian Pop star, who goes well and truly in. Really keen to watch him play live.

9. Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti | Bright Lit Blue Skies
I was pretty late catching onto this album. It's so catchy, the whole album is incredible, but to me this one is the winner.

10. The Doors | My Wild Love
My favourite band. To do a song like this on an album in 1968 is probably crazy. Jim is timeless.