WARMER MIXTAPES #488 | by Frédéric Rivière (Pony Pony Run Run) of Anoraak

Photo by Kris Maccotta.

1. AC/DC | Girls Got Rhythm
Because AC/DC will always have to be considered as one of the best Rock band of all times. This song - as many of their - can be easily imagined to be played in a bar in the middle of the Aussie nowhere as much as in a 80k people stadium.

2. Skyy | Here's To You
Come on, it's no less than Larry Levan, this track is Disco gold.

3. Puro Instinct | Slivers Of You
As a big Ariel Pink's fan, I must admit these two young sisters are really good, and this song could clearly be played by Pink himself, but the girly vocals gives something a bit different I like.

4. Foals | Miami
One of the most amazing tracks from Foals, one of my favorite bands in the last 10 years. Nothing can be objected to their path. Hats off. And there is a common thing between this song and Cargo De Nuit, from a French singer called Axel Bauer.

5. Tennis | Marathon
I could chose any song of the album Cape Dory, one of the best of 2010 for me.

6. Wiz Khalifa | The Race
I'm not basically a Hip-Hop/Rap guy, but this one hooked me so bad, it's such a beautiful Emo track.

7. Toro Y Moi | New Beat
This guy amazed me, releasing two LP's in one year, in two different moods, and as good. This track in particular shows one of the TYM orientations I fancy the most.

8. Don Caballero | Haven't Lived Afro Pop
They actually are in my Indie/Alternative Rock band top 5. EVERY track they made is perfection. There was a time I was listening to it when going to bed haha!

9. Telex | Moskow Diskow
The other Blue Monday, from 80's Belgium band Telex. It's definitely an underestimated track!

10. Steve Moore | Saturnalia
Steve Moore is kind of a Tangerine Dream of the years 2K.