WARMER MIXTAPES #489 | by Liam Ivory and Chris Davids of Maribou State

We have decided to make a playlist out of songs that still influence us now, not just tracks we have loved in the past, nor tracks that we play out in the clubs. Just songs that we feel we will still be listening too in 20 years time. In no particular order, these tracks have been chosen for the memories attached to them. Much love.

SIDE A | by Chris Davids

1. Cults | Go Outside
This song just purely captures the summer for me. Reminds me of sailing through India in cramped sleeper carriages, unable to sleep from all the chai sellers shouting out me from the window. Despite all those downsides that seem to surround it, the track managed to turn the whole situation into one of those unforgettable experiences.

2. Enya | Carribean Blue
Having grown up hearing this song on long car journeys with my parents, I can safely say that that has no influence as to why I love this track. Even if I heard it for the first time today I would have so much love for it. I remember three years back me and one of my friends had this image that when we first got out to a tropical beach in Thailand we would steal a boat and float out to this tune. Sadly we never did but I'm sure it came on once or twice whilst maxing in the Sunshine.

3. Daft Punk | Make Love
The first time I saw Daft Punk was at Global Gathering 2006 after they hadn't played in nine years. After finally getting to the gate of the arenas to go see them (after hyping it up all day), I found out that the tents had all been closed due to too many people wanting to see Daft Punk. The next thing I knew me and about thirty angry northerners all linked arms in some huge rugby line up and managed to charge our way through all the security at the gate. So I guess it feels like a bit of a let down to have picked this quite obscure choice out of all the Daft Punk tracks after that short story. Having said all that though it's the one of theirs which I could happily just keep on in the background on repeat. Just one continuous loop of pure bliss.

4. Michael Jackson | Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough
Extremely hard to choose a Michael Jackson track as he has soooo many that could have gone in this list. I've purely chosen this one as you could almost guarantee that this would get any Dance floor moving, from Brixton to Bombay or New York to New Guinea, everyone would groove to this. Classic.

5. Bon Iver | re: stacks
Had to have a Bon Iver song in here somewhere. Quite possibly one of the most beautiful songs I have heard in a long time. One of the first artists in a while were I have truly loved everything that he has done. A modern day artist that will go down in history.

6. Regina Spektor | Samson
Looking back at this list I can see it's starting to get very introspective. Either way, had to slip this in. Even brought my dad to tears ha. Seriously though, an amazing track. Love how Regina has turned an old biblical story into one of those tracks that makes your hairs stand on end.

7. The Shins | New Slang
In the words of Natalie Portman in Garden State... This song will change your life man. Definitely a bit far fetched but a great track none the less.

8. Stevie Wonder | Living For The City
Picked this track purely as its linked with one of my greatest musical memories ever. Glastonbury 2010. Literally the most Sunshine England has ever received, everyone as high as a kite and the whole weekend was topped off by Stevie jamming out on the pyramid stage. To this day I don't think I've ever seen so many smiles. Hearing thousands and thousands of people singing this track at the top of their lungs was unreal. So much love so Stevie.

9. Fleet Foxes | Mykonos
Just watched a documentary the other on Simon & Garfunkel describing something they called The Harmony Game, which they had tried to re-create from their idols The Everly Brothers. The Fleet Foxes have well and truly nailed The Harmony Game or so it's called, or at least created some amazing medieval twist on it.

10. The Streets | Turn The Page
One of the defining and most unique acts of our generation, they had to get a mention somewhere. Although I can't say anything past original pirate material has really grabbed me by the balls, it doesnt matter, because this first album was so f***ing good. Absolute tune. Enough said.

SIDE B | by Liam Ivory

1. The Cinematic Orchestra | To Build A Home (feat. Patrick Watson)
I remember first hearing this after a night out, no sleep and a fragile mind. We all piled into the studio and turned up the monitors full volume after being told about this incredible new track. I was completely blown away after the first listen. The track just seems to build perfectly with each instrument being introduced with each new verse or chorus. This song almost marks perfection in my eyes. Strong words I know.

2. Regina Spektor | Us
This is just simply one of her songs that completely struck me as amazing from the first listen. It was hard to decide whether this or Samson should be here, I still do not know. Her humming melody over the chorus is just heart warming.

3. Hint | Words To That Effect
At one point it became impossible to count how many times I listened to this track on repeat on iTunes. Despite the disjointed rhythms from the drums, I always slipped into a Trance like state and would literally lose hours at night listening to this song, convincing myself it would send me to sleep.

4. The Knife | Heartbeats
Heartbeats has always captured me with its dense synthetic sound and resonant mood. Karin provides such a unique vocal hook that has always intrigued me. I herd it at such a young age that this song will never sound dated to me.

5. Florence + The Machine | Cosmic Love
Again picking a singular track from Florence took a lot more thought than I realised. I’m completely taken by anything she does and I have been since the early releases. I love her obsession with fantasy and her operatic approach to her vocals. A girl with a big voice is always a winner with me.

6. Daughter | Landfill
Pretty sure she is quite a newcomer to the scene but I'm have high hopes for her already. She has such an incredible voice. Can't say there are any memories attached to this song, as she is an artist I have only just discovered. Either way, she is well worth a listen.

7. LCD Soundsystem | Daft Punk Is Playing At My House
I have always been a fan of James Murphy’s Lo-Fi sound and this track takes me back to a time when I couldn’t get enough of this Indie/Electro music. It was the start of my main venture into Dance Music after many years of listening to my brother's old Trance LPs. The music always hooked me and I remember being baffled as to why they would intend to make it sound trashy?

8. Elliot Smith | Between The Bars
Between The Bars is a truly amazing song that I first come to hear through a cover by the band Metric. I don’t have any real memories attached to the song but it will always stick with me after I learned of how Elliot died. It’s such a dejected story that to me it makes the performance through this and his other music that little bit more authentic.

9. Zero 7 | Somersault (feat. Sia)
This song, like others from Zero 7, has such an outstanding performance from Sia with incredible production from Sam Hardaker & Henry Binns. The song oozes organic sound and I am always fond of the mix of Electronic and Acoustic instrumentation. Hearing this album now makes me feel the same as I did all those years ago.

10. Sigur Rós | Hoppípolla
Again the organic production from Sigur Rós amazes me. Takk is such a mysterious and innovative album. Hoppípolla is such an epic well-delivered piece of Music from that album and I’m always fascinated by the Icelandic and Hopelandic lyrics that are used, I have never taken the time to look at the translation I guess it adds to the mystery.