Photo by Sasha Abykova.

1. Stars Of The Lid | I Will Surround You
I must say, it's the whole Avec Laudenum LP which is my favorite piece of Music of all time. It's the best drug ever. I'd listen to this record all the time, it's the most played record I have. I can listen to it when I’m happy or sad. It makes everything better.

2. Zoviet France | Untitled (Track 6 from Mohnomishe)
Zoviet France is the band which brought me to Music. This song is the best Club track on Earth. There is so much melancholy, so much emotion in this track. Like an Indian shaman which is still crying. I play this everytime I'm YouTube-DJing...

3. Slowdive | Melon Yellow
One of my favorite track of the band which I deeply love. I choose that one cause I was listening to it on a hot summer day at a beautiful well when I was thinking about my girlfriend which were out of the country at this time and it was like she is sitting right next to me.

4. Celer | Polaroid Family Portrait
Best 3.30 minutes in your life. R.I.P. Danielle Marie Baquet.

5. Windy & Carl | Depths
The cutest couple on Earth, and they do fucking Drone Pop! They play soon in Europe after maybe 10 years? I’m so excited!!!

6. Teams x Bobbi Dahl | The Only One
The hottest track of 2011. I love the beat so much. I love the vocals, synths, everything. I put it on 2 of my mixtapes this year, hu? Favorite project of 2011.

7. Shisa | Streetlights
Found out about this guy at the Dior Nights Cyber Party when he was playing live, since then we chatting very often. The dude does the 2 things which I love most. Drony Shoegaze-like synth walls and Hip Hop beats. Can’t wait for more.

8. Beach House | Astronaut
Timeless band. Beautiful maybe best lyrics about love. The I've made this brand new bed for you, I trust the things we do, holy or not... Gets me every time...

9. Panda Bear | You Can Count On Me
I listened to this track at the time where I was moving out from home this year, together with my girlfriend. And I think the title just say everything. Wanna see him live playin with his samplers...

10. Teen Daze | June 2010
Remembers me at the special moment when I was driving my bike to home and drinked green lemonade which was actually June 2010. Also it remembers me at my friend Cesar who showed me the compilation on which the track was on. He introduced me to Chillwave and Witch House, the music which brought me to more Dreamy/Drony music with Electronic beats (wtf?) and in the end to my music projects.

+11. Elite Gymnastics | Here, In Heaven 2
Wow, this track was played when you asked me to make a mixtape for you. This track is so unbelievable good, like the whole Ruin! Constantly playing. Shisa showed it to me. And again... WOW!