WARMER MIXTAPES #494 | by Andrei Ioan Leu [raox]

1. FPU | Ocean Drive (Tiga’s White Linen Vox)
This is a very special track to me, I was in my early stages of discovering music on my own, using the Internet, and soon after listening to Tiga’s first album (Sexor) I remember digging for more of his stuff (collabs, remixes, etc.) and came across this beauty, lovely vocals by Tiga and the video is a must watch.

2. Tiga | High School/Jamaican Boa
Reminds me a little bit of my high school years, too shy, too weird, too different for the monotony bunch, fuck them I say.

3. Prince | When Doves Cry
Remember seeing this on TV when I was very little and fell instantly in love with Prince, I like this track especially because it kept on playing on an anonymous TV channel late at night and with nothing else to do, that was the only escape from boredom land.

4. Matthew Dear | Don And Sherri
This guy really know how to catch one’s ear and that’s exactly what happened to me when I first heard this, it makes you dance like never, I’ll say you’ll dance with quality, thank you M.D.!

5. Tiga & Zyntherius | Sunglasses At Night (Corey Hart Cover)
Again with a Turbo Recordings track (one my fav record labels), I must say I consider this to be one of the best covers I have listened to so far. And why I love it so much? It’s Tiga, that’s why.

6. Chris Isaak | Wicked Game
If you are born before 1990 you surely remember this on TV, not that younger folks don’t remember it but it resonates something special for us, the elderly bunch.

7. Snoop Doggy Dogg | Gin & Juice
93’ makes me bump my head all day, and this tune produced by the big Dr. Dre will forever roam my playlist, remember this from 2001 at a party, first time getting wasted. Good times.

8. Jori Hulkkonen | Let Me Luv U
If you ever loved in secret you will definitely like this, thank you Jori for bringing quality to our World.

9. Gayngs | The Gaudy Side Of Town
Still can’t remember where I found this track but I can tell you where I fell in love with it, I was walking home and it was about ten o’clock at night, winter time, and I was rushing to get home quicker, this track came on my headphones and at 00:28 time stopped and I entered a slow motion dream, you should really check it out.

10. Michael Land | Introduction & Main Titles
Can’t nobody mess with this baby! It’s actually the theme song for the PC game Monkey Island 3: The Curse Of Monkey Island which is my second favorite PC game of all time and I just can’t forget this track, it brings back childhood memories, good ones.