WARMER MIXTAPES #504 | by Noel Heroux of Hooray For Earth

1. AFX | Untitled (B2 on Analogue Bubblebath 5)
This track is so easy going. Such a good progression, blorping along. All the high end and presence is sort of flattened out of it, which creates an awesome effect when you crank it really loud.

2. Autechre | Ccec
This is one of my go-to bangers for car rides where you want to bump something really serious, and no one ever knows what to make of it - it's just a killer track. Disorienting but totally straight up danceable.

3. Arab Strap | Cherubs
I love Arab Strap and could/do listen to Aidan Moffat for days. This track is especially well put together.

4. Broadcast | Echo's Answer
Not much I can say about Broadcast that will do justice - this first (second if you count work and non-work) record is full of beautiful chord changes and melodies via sideways synths. RIP Trish Keenan.

5. CANT | Ghosts
Exploring an abandoned house.

6. John Maus | Believer
This song came out of nowhere and got stuck in my head immediately and relentlessly. I absolutely love it though, the effortless chords and melody of the synth against what I perceive to be very urgent vocals. I don't know what he's saying but it doesn't matter, the intensity of his delivery is enough that obvious words aren't necessarily needed.

7. Aphex Twin | Pancake Lizard
I love how RDJ uses strings in Electronic context (also see Girl/Boy Song). I first got the Donkey Rhubarb single and listened to this track for several days over and over.

8. Boards Of Canada | Kid For Today
This track and Everything You Do Is A Balloon (and pretty much every other BOC track) have such a cold sound, but at the same time sunny and appropriate for nice windows-down drives. Boards Of Canada is one of my fav things to have playing on the PA before a show.

9. Zambri | On Call
This track is like a Heavy Metal song without any guitars.

10. Owen Pallett | Keep The Dog Quiet
This track is like a Heavy Metal song without anything made out of metal (except maybe some brass?).