WARMER MIXTAPES #505 | by Andreea Antonescu [AndreEA/Miss Ventura] of André

Photos by Evgeny Gromik

1. The Righteous Brothers | Unchained Melody
I liked the Ghost movie very much and since I watched it I fell in love with this piece. I think it's one of the most sensitive songs in the World and always put me in a special state of mind. Also I use to listen to this after every movie with an exciting end. If feels like the perfect conclusion.

2. Francis Lai | (Where Do I Begin?) Love Story
I am romantic too, this is obvious, but the story of the movie impressed me and every time I hear the song I cry because it was my father's favorite movie. And with that I said it all.

3. Michael Jackson | Dirty Diana
There's no secret that Michael Jackson was and remains my favorite artist of all time. Although I was hard to choose a song for the playlist, Dirty Diana seemed most appropriate in this context and it is a track that made my heart melt since I was little. In addition, the lyrics talk about a difficult moment in the life of Michael and impressed me with the way he translated the moment into the lyrics, even if at some point the message is a bit unexpected and perhaps too direct.

4. Luther Vandross | Dance With My Father
I believe that there's no need of arguments, the song title says it all for those who have followed my life.

5. Ştefan Hruşcă | Rugă Pentru Părinţi
A piece that exists in many interpretations, each special in its own way. Obviously, the message here is why I chose the song, unfortunately, we come to comprehend the essence of the text too late in life...

6. Jessica Jay | Casablanca
Reminds me of childhood and my life in Galaţi when this song was a resounding success on the radios in the summers of the '90s. And I notice the song is still topical, I hear it every week for months now on several occasions and I enjoy it.

7. Céline Dion | Happy Xmas (War Is Over) (John & Yoko/Plastic Ono Band Cover)
Less sad than the original version, but a very sensitive piece still, remains my favorite at Christmas time when I decorate the house.

8. 4 Non Blondes | What's Up
I'll never forget this song because represents my first live success ever at a concert. This was when I was only 8 year-old, but even now I recall those times with pleasure!

9. Bryan Adams | Here I Am
I find myself totally in the lyrics. And it's a message that defines me.

10. Queen | Love Of My Life
It has made its way into this list because it's the first song that I learned to sing when I was little that I never sang to anybody...