WARMER MIXTAPES #506 | by Michael Joseph Lane [Neuport]

This is what I'm into today. Right now...

1. Rihanna | We Found Love (feat. Calvin Harris)
This song is amazing to me today. Not typically what I'm into but it's an incredible tune. I love how epic and fun it is but there is elements of darkness and sadness tied in. I originally liked it at first listen, but it's the type of song, that when heard in the right setting and after being heard before, gives you that sense of fun excitement and familiarity that we all love about Music. Great party tune. My friends, The Moon Goons, played it at their monthly event in Minneapolis called Bomp at first avenue last weekend. It's a sad song but to see people jump up and down dancing to it is an incredible sight. It has that magical balance that I'm always in search of. I also played it out the other night speed up to 160 bpm and I layered Juke Beat over it. It put a smile on my face.

2. Craxxxsoft | Can't Be Friends
I just got turned on to Craxxxsoft aka Craxxxmurf like today. This tune is truly rad. It feels so good. I found it digging on Soundcloud. I love the Cumbia-ish beat. It sorta reminds me of some of the amazing music my friend Solomon is making. He goes my the name Madden and he does this original dark Cumbia-ish music called Draggeton, that I think is awesome... Shouts to Madden! True inspiration to me... Excited to hear more form Craxxxmurf!

3. ASAP Rocky | Brand New Guy (feat. ScHoolboy Q)
This song is a banger! Kind of Lil B-ish in the best Based way. I've been a fan of ASAP from day one when I saw the Get High video. Before Purple Swag and Peso (which I love)... Ty Beats and Clams Casino are the truth by the way! But yeah, Brand New Guy bangs to me. I love the beat. Shit goes hard. Wild out. I love this whole mixtape. LiveLoveA$AP is an instant classic. Clams Casino, Ty Beats and Beautiful Lou are some of my favorite up an coming producers and now Lyle who did this song. Keep it trill. Keep it Based. Thank you, BASEDGOD.

4. Why Be | Go Hard (Nightcall Edit)
I also found Why Beezy on Soundcloud. This song grew on me like most good songs do. I've played it live a couple times and everyone seems to dig it... I would play more of Why Beezy's tunes if I had them. I like the drums. I'm a huge fan of snare rolls. The bassline is simple and great too. Fun tune. Why Beezy is cool.

5. BLOWN | Hole In The Tundra
My dude Solomon turned me on to this one. I love the feeling it gives me. The drums are fucking great and that simple Lo-Fi rainy synth is a nice fit. I was thinking I wanted to start doing elevator music but with drums like this. This shit is mad uplifting and inspirational. Go forth.


I'm a huge fan of Juke, Ghetto Tech, Bmore, Philly Club etc... I love Dance music that is hard. A lot of Dance/House music is kinda soft, which I enjoy too, but I love the way that Dance music can be hood. Makes me want to dance every time. The dirtier the better. For real. NAKED WEREWOLF is someone I just recently got turned on to. His shit is cool and different. I played like three of his tunes in a Juke set the other night.

7. Peaking Lights | Birds Of Paradise (Dub Version)
Peaking Lights can do no wrong. I'm honored to know them personally. I use to live in Madison, Wi and I would go in their vintage store called Good Style. Rad store. Rad people. Saw some good shows there. Aaron and Indra are the coolest. I'm working on remixing their 936 album for fun because it is so good. Not cuz I know them but because it so fucking good. Working on this tune now. This shit gets me high.

8. Pictureplane | Real Is A Feeling (Unicorn Kid Ecstasy Dream Mix)
Unicorn Kid makes fun music. Into him and all Coral Records at the moment. It makes me feel like I'm in a an underwater rave tryn to smash mermaids on Xtc. Pictureplane is inspirational. This is just fun. True Love Fantasy I've listened to on repeat as well.

9. Soulja Boy | I'm So Important (Came Out The Water Pt. 2)
I don't want to like Soulja Boy cuz I think he's a lil cheesy and just bites what's cool at the moment. But when I listen to this song and the others Skate Boy mixtape I just swag the FUCK OUT. So good, fuck. His delivery is on point. The beats are amazing on this tape. I find humor swag and inspiration from the beat makers on Skate Boy. Good driving music #oceangang...

10. ∑NRON HUBB∆RD | Sine Feld Music
This shit goes hard. Sexy ass music. My dude John did this track. He along with Tennis Rodman, Morri$ and Tom Richman are making some really cool music. I see big things in the future. Sexy, trappy, future bass shit. Naw... Mean my dude Phil (@tennishoodman) but me on to a lot of these cats. Shouts to the Goombawave homies. We see you, Lawrence, Ks...

This is just what I'm into today, always subject to change. Wak Lyf.