WARMER MIXTAPES #512 | by Lars T C F Holdhus [TCF/Craxxxmurf/Craxxxsoft]

My brain is erasing itself. Here is what I came up with.

1. Oneohtrix Point Never | Nobody Here

I listened to this track on repeat for several days. It's already a loop so I just put the loop on repeat. It was in a period where my life was going in the wrong direction and I was just staying inside all day doing nothing. I used to lay in bed for hours listening to this track thinking that this was one of the most perfect loops I had ever heard.

2. Hans Appelqvist | Zenna & Marie

At 3:08 starts the theme song of my life. I make music for the kids. They are the Future. This song is dedicated to the kids. 

3. DJ Elmoe | Whea Yo Ghost At, Whea Yo Dead
This became the theme song for my numerous trips to Zurich, interjail style. Mr. A and Veli Silver was helping me out on the crime side of life while I was doing the business tasks to make things run. In Zurich my addiction to coconut juice begun. 

4. Jeremih | Waiter/The 5 Senses (Alvin And The Chipmunks - Theodore Version)
My favourite tracks at the moment are chipmunk versions of tracks. I never made love to a chipmunk song, please mail me cracksmurf4ever@gmail.com if anybody is up for an all nighter chipmunk version. This song is also dedicated to Rachel.

5. Yahel & Dj Miss T | Skywalker

When I was 13 I started to DJ Trance Music in my bedroom. It started with DJ Tiƫsto and the whole In Trance We Trust series. I wanted to go so badly to Hyperstate which was the biggest Trance party in Norway. Of course I was way too young and my parents where not that enthusiastic about the whole Trance experience.

6. Jens Lekman | Firecracker (On Our Way To A New Year's Party)
Frederik Gruyaert and I were on a road trip around Norway to shoot some scenes for a movie and a upcoming book I am working on. I wanted to shoot a very specific scene on top of this mountain which we never found. The whole trip ended up with me firing up some smoke bombs while rowing a boat, at six in the morning, Freddy fighting millions of mosquitoes and filming at the same time. I seriuosly choked from all the smoke and all my clothes got colored pink.


Arthur Russell | That's Us/Wild Combination

This song has become a song I think I play for somebody that I love/like without realizing that I'm actually playing it for myself. I just realized this when I was asked for this mixtape. It's like I'm playing it to a mirror that contains everything I want from somebody else. I keep relating this song to various people for that reason.

8. Ten City | That's The Way Love Is (Underground Mix/Extended Version)
This song is dedicated to Mark Vincent Houston for all the crazy times we had together. He is a dedicated voguer when he is drunk and one dip too much ended up with picking out glass pieces from his back the next day. I had just broke up with my ex and his answer was a link to this song on YouTube. Loved it since then.

9. Vybz Kartel | Half On A Baby

At the moment I'm living in Frankfurt. You can spot me walking around with my Nokia 6233 playing this song on repeat. It's also my ringtone at the moment. Vybz Kartel is fucked. I'm fucked and would like to get fucked. So please call me so dis tune will be played one more time. +4915129032580


10. DJ Lhasa | Giulia (Piano Mix)
This song is from one of the first times I went to Berlin. A friend of mine from Poland had this on his Discman and was constantly playing it. After that I keep coming back to this track in various forms. The latest version is a piano version. Am I getting old?