WARMER MIXTAPES #513 | by Eric W. [Spooky Cheddar]

1. Clark | Future Daniel
The best song ever, objectively speaking. Like F-Zero the Electro-Thrash track. Constant *boosts* and it absolutely never gets old. Just keep boosting. Play this for your parents and tell them you made it and you will have immediately justified the majority of your poor Life Decisions. Just don't get caught...

2. Boards of Canada | 1969
Nineteen Sixty Nine In The Sunshine indeed. I discovered BOC when I was in my early teens. It was winter and the IDM/Ambient internet radio stations I had just discovered kept playing these eerily cool songs by this group I'd never heard of every other track. I'd never heard music like that before. I didn't know Music could sound like this. It changed my life.

3. Stay Ali | Auhlau
I feel like I am being heartily scolded by a very sexy, yet threatening, android when this is on. Not sure if there's anything more than needs to be said about that. Stay Ali are cool Swedish people and this makes me appreciate their stuff more, but I'm not sure why. Their EPs are dynamic and all over the place and the fact that they exist makes me very happy. I would have included this track, but it's been unreleased for a year and a half (?)... You should listen to it anyway.

4. Stephen Farris | Orange Mellow
Stephen Farris is a supremely talented person from the Internet that everyone should know about. He makes the kind of Hip Hop I want to hear, *actual* Next Level Shit, really intricate compositions that go hard as hell and make you want to give him all your money. (He also edits crazy videos using VHS footage. Whoa.)

5. Flying Lotus | Untitled #7
I listened to this track on repeat over 500 times according to my iTunes so it's probably an Important Part Of My Life. Static-y shuffles, really soft, warm melody... And it's just heartbreaking, I don't know. Flying Lotus is in a class of his own as a beat maker, but I really appreciate his subtle stuff too. Beautiful song.

6. Vinyl Williams | Higher Worlds
My blog buddy introduced me to this track a bit ago and Lemniscate, the album it's on, has been in my car ever since. It's really perfect driving music, or sitting-in-the-woods music, or fishing music, maybe. I will trying fishing to it this summer and see how it goes.

7. Tree Wave | Sleep
I found Tree Wave on MySpace back when I first started posting my stuff online. As far as I'm concerned they do the Girl-Singing-Guy-Playing-Synthesizer thing better than anyone out, probably ever. I think they're cute and their jams make me blush.

8. Jackson And His Computer Band | Teen Beat Ocean
Of Adult Swim Bump Fame, this song essentially reminds me of leather. Jackets, belts, lederhosen. Smash was the penultimate style orgy of 2005 and beyond and not a day goes by that I don't miss him and wonder where he's gone off to. If anyone knows, please tell me, or better yet just tell him to put out some more music so I can listen to it. Please.

9. Young Montana? | Dreamhome
Tread lightly, this track will do things to your mind. Permanent, irreversible things. It will also make you feel like you just took a bath and somehow also got really dirty and you'll feel good about it for some reason. Limerence was probably my favorite album of 2011, so that means you should download it and just let it change you.

10. Shalamar | A Night To Remember
I don't even care what you think about this song, but it definitely belongs on this list. I've heard it described as processed Funk and if it is, so be it. It is Life Affirming, in a processed, funky kind of way. Strange that this was a way bigger hit in Britain than in America, for an American group. Also, can we talk about what's going on in this video? Wow.