WARMER MIXTAPES #515 | by Jordan Crowley [StrangeZoo]

1. The Weeknd | High For This
The first time I heard this song I couldn't believe my ears.. The song comes in like a spaceship is landing or some crazy shit… And then his voice. I don’t believe there is a definition for that form of Mind Fucking. I'm pretty sure the Weeknd is one of THE greatest artist EVER.

2. Kid Cudi | GHOST!
I can relate so much to this because I feel like a ghost. And the lyrics explain themselves. He isn’t just bragging and boasting, Cudi is actually TELLING you how he feels.

3. Makaveli | To Live & Die In L.A. (feat. Val Young)
Although I don’t like the fact that he made a full song about L.A. and spent most of his time in the Bay this song makes my heart smile. Lol, but seriously it moves me and makes me happy regardless of my feelings towards it. Lol.

4. M.I.A. | The Turn
Although it takes a while for me to get what she's talking about, M.I.A. is a lyrical genius and she says what she wants. And her beats are ALWAYS dope.

5. Lil B | I Hate Myself
I love this song because I’ve experienced and seen half the shit Lil B talks about. And I love this song because at one point in time I hated myself, and still do hate myself at times but this song makes me remember to LOVE myself. #TYBG

6. Kanye West | Through The Wire
It's the first Kanye West song I ever heard and was the song that made me decide I would like anything and everything Kanye released, and so far I have. I’ve watched his career and he feels like a big brother to me. I love Kanye. J.

7. Cee Lo Green | Bodies
Simply put no bullshit? I like it cuz he's talking about murdering a girl through sex. Lol, BUT… He does it like a gentleman. He asks first.

8. Crystal Castles | Empathy
It sounds like your brain is being stabbed by multiple needles. And the claps sound violent as F***. This is my work out song. It has so much high energy you can't help but move to this shit.

9. Florence + The Machine | Shake It Out (The Weeknd Remix)
Florence's lyrics are on f****ing point for this beat. The first time I heard it my heart kind of stopped. I wasn’t sure what I was hearing. I got goosebumps on my arms, it was an amazing feeling.

10. Passion Pit | Swimming In The Flood
Passion Pit is a dope ass band and I love the whole album Manners but I can only have 10 songs so… Swimming In The Flood has an interesting title. How do you swim in a flood? He explains, it turns out he's talking about getting caught up cheating. Lol, Michael Angelakos (of Passion Pit) is a lyrical genius.