WARMER MIXTAPES #514 | by Phillip Morpheeus Jones [Tennis Rodman]

The Sine Field is a Minneapolis based collective of artist who's focus is to promote new way of thinking, Through Culture.
Started by Tennis Rodman and Enron Hubbard.

1. Nujabes | Aruarian Dance
Damn, I grew up on this one, I gotta say this song probably was the single most important songs of my early music development, I couldn't say where I found it, somewhere online affiliated with early social networking blogs sites with music enabled Flash, Bearshare, Limewire or something or something of the sort... All I can really say comfortably is this song represents a time where I had first found freedom on the Internet, with my own computer able to sail the seas as I pleased.

2. Prota | Bosscoffee
This is a song I found pretty recently within the last few months, not quite sure how old it is or much about the artist/producer, it was jus something I found on Tumblspace and was diggin so I did some diggin. Easily one of the biggest Indie Hip Hop bangers I found all of 2011 (although I wasn't really looking) and as much as I do hate the term SWAG, the hook on this one vividly explains an exceptional definition of the word, in his own scenario that we are all to familiar with. This song is as close to perfect I have heard (to me) unknown artists put out.

3. Maal A Goomba | The Diana Frances Goomba Wave Intro
Damn son, where'd you find this one?? Yes, is that good, these niggas Maal A Goomba and MΔRRI$ really inspired me getting a chance to see them throw parties with the whole Team Bear Club Fam out in Lawrence, KS. This whole mixtape is fire beyond belief, but the intro in particular is somethin I love to ride out to on a daily basis, to me is just says WE STILL OUT CHERE, THE GOOMBAWAVE IS STRONG... Every morning rollin' out in my 95 Prelude, Sunroof back, system bumpin' the intro... Yes, that's how I like to start my days out... #DRIPSET...

I have a deep admiration for culture within music, especially in nonsensical type ways, like this tune might seem on the surface... But it's a deep as the bass, that's part of why I respect GYPSY so much as a producer as well as a person. For me this song is everything I could ask for.

5. StewRat | Gucci Spacesuit
This is what dreams are made of. StewRat is very legendary in my world. This guys is one of the best producers I've stumbled onto in years, his albums go on for days, he's got the work ethic of Lil Wayne, the brain of Einstein, and the soul of Dilla. All his tracks are impressive but his Trap influenced stuff really sits well with me at the moment, chill and trill... Perfect.

6. Yung God | Perfect
#SWOOP #SPLASH #OCEANGANG #TRILL #AXLTHXSSHXT is #BASED. No, Yung God isn't Based God, and didn't invent the Based movement, but to me, he was the one that made me understand. This song is perfect, all my #BASEDNXXXXZ will stand up, #PIXXVGVXG knows what's real. This song is one I put on when I don't want to hear nuthin and all I wanna do is worship.

7. NastyNasty | Sweaty Bodies
Jaspey must get laid on a cosmic level, how else could he embody such passion and lust into his tunes. Sometimes instead of watching porn I just listen to this tune. Such a heater, NastyNasty is a pretty cool guy from what I've collected the few times I've talked with him on the net. Def' one of the biggest influences I've had in my Electronic Music journey and I thank Jah every day that such an artist exists! He's found the golden sound (don't tell him that).

8. Thriftworks | Thizza Thizza
What a hipster am I, at first I was like, Should I share Thriftworks?... That's my secret weapon... Lulz, too many people are on that tip and I think that may be part of why this guy is so unknown. Jake Atlas or Thriftworks' production skills are unparalleled. He's really developed, I hear all those Berkley kids are next level but this guys music is a Slumpy, Jazzy, Chakra Building Paradise. I recorded some music over some of his beats with the homie Neuport (Mikey D Lane) a while ago under a basement, can I borrow your MacBook to record on garageband, side project called Can't Act Right Crew. Thriftworks has a new album dropping 1/10/12... I'm toooooo excited for.

9. Gucci Mane | Stevie Wonder
I think that Gucci proves once again that every rapper wants to be him in this anthem of a track I think I found on the mixtape he did with Waka. I don't goon out on the mixtape game well enough to trap as hard as I'd like, but I do mob out to this one when I get a chance. It's everything I love about Gucci and Rap Music in general, and I love Stevie Wonder. Win/Win.

10. Greg Enemy | Sophisticated Goon Shit
When I was 18, fresh out of high school I took a trip to Lawrence, KS to see The Cool Kids, perform at the Granada. Greg Enemy was one of the openers, and to be honest after the show I was more geeked on his performance than I was for The Cool Kids. After seeing Greg, I made the decision that I would move to Lawrence as soon as I could figure it out, just to see how a place could influence such a character as Greg. He seems very familiar but also very rare at the same time. Sophisticated Goon Shit is such a deep track, I find myself floating through noticing new nuances and metaphors on a weekly basis. Greg is one of the Midwest's best kept secrets and I'm excited to see what the future brings for this live young nigga. Check out his latest EP Xtra Small, released through the homies over at Team Bear Club.