WARMER MIXTAPES #531 | by Lukas Cole [Spam Chop]

1. Raekwon | Guillotine (Swordz)
I got mad styles of my own and it's shown when my hands grip the chrome microphone... If you don't like Wu-Tang you can't be trusted, could of easily listed 10 Wu tracks but I chose this as it's one I played loads in my Hip Hop days....

2. Madvillain | All Caps
DOOM's another person I could easily list 10 songs of as he's probably my favorite artist of all time. The thing I love about DOOM is how he created this cartoon persona with all the comic samples and imagery he used. This has probably subconsciously influenced what I have tried to do with Wigflex quite a bit. I love the horns in this track as well.

3. Viktor Vaughn | Let Me Watch
The keys and guitar in this tune are too much, plus I love how you think DOOM's going all soft on us throughout the track only to reveal his true colours at the end... I'd rather masturbate than fuck with Vik Vaughn, let me watch... Ha.

4. J Dilla | Workinonit
Great tune by one of Hip Hop's finest. Such a shame he was taken from us so early.

5. Madvillain | Money Folder (Four Tet Remix)
Used to rinse the whole EP, but this remix got particularly battered. It was also the tune that put me onto Four Tet, which can only be a good thing really.

6. Genesis | The Brazillian
Such an epic, over the top, pointless tune, but I love it. Can imagine Phil Collins and co. creating this in some favela, blinged up and surrounded by muckys.

7. Milky Globe & James Holden | Sun Spots
Had to include some Holden in here somewhere and while I still play Lump & Idiots at gigs this one doesn't get much airplay as it's quite slow. Love the glitched out twangy synth and the all most 2 step beat.

8. Container | Protrusion
Raw as fuck, glooped out, trippy Techno. Just how I like it. Looking forward to hearing more from this guy.

9. Salem | Trapdoor
Love how crusty all of Salem's stuff sound and this is probably my favorite off Kings Night. Fuck knows what the guys meant to be saying, but the repetitiveness of the whole tune just puts me in a trance.

10. DJ Narrows | Saved Soul
Big dutty stinking Garage banger that takes me back to when I was 16.