WARMER MIXTAPES #532 | by Luke Abbott

1. Squarepusher | My Sound
Squarepusher is amazing and this track is just perfect Music.

2. Cluster | Hollywood
Blew my mind first time I heard it, and still amazes me every time I listen to it.

3. Gonjasufi | Duet
A lot of the more recent records on Warp have been a bit disappointing I think, but this track makes up for it.

4. The Pharcyde | Pharcyde
I like a bit of the old Hippity Hop.

5. Death In Vegas | Your Loft My Acid (with Katie Stelmanis)
Best thing I've heard in ages.

6. Lukid | Lego
Lukid's album Chord is brilliant, it's currently just about the only thing I listen to on headphones.

7. Radiohead | Reckoner (Holden Remix)
Magick, makes me wanna wear a robe and sleep in the forrest.

8. Gold Panda | Back Home
I could listen to this track 100 times and still not be bored of it.

9. Tonkl | Airpert
Recordings of the semi-mystical synth based Improv group Tonkl are very rare. Tonkl might be my favourite band ever, I love them.

10. R. Stevie Moore | Skin Mags
Lo-Fi dirty chugging brilliance from the father of DIY recording.