WARMER MIXTAPES #535 | by Valentin Plessy [aMinus] of Plateau Repas

1. Simple Minds | Don't You Forget About Me
I have a huge obsession with 80s teenage flicks. Especially the ones from John Hughes. The Breakfast Club is my all time favorite and of course the soundtrack as well.

2. The Cure | Just Like Heaven
It's my happy song. At a time I was confused and a little depressed this song came on my mp3 player and everything got lighter. It's hard to describe, but it just gave me so much hope and motivation. Since then, when I feel down, I need loud speakers and this track to realize things aren't so bad afterall.

3. Lords Of The New Church | Dance With Me
Great 80s Gothic Pop. Makes me wanna dance, makes me wanna love differently, makes me want the taxi never had struck Stiv Bators.

4. Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark | Almost
Heads down. Their first album is a pure Synth Pop masterpiece and I totally relate to this track, to its lyrics, its sounds and atmosphere. One of the tracks I wish I had written.

5. Summer Camp | Better Off With You
It's a warrior-feel good song. It makes the break up process quite fun too! I love this vintage adolescence energy of the band. It makes me wanna dance like Molly Ringwald does in Breakfast Club.

6. Everything But The Girl | Walking Wounded
This band is amazing. There's so many songs from their albums I could choose. Tracey Thorn's lyrics are so accurate and crystal clear. I wish I could write like her. I understood the lyrics years later I first heard it and was and still am deeply touched.

7. Kate Bush | Army Dreamers
I had to pick one from her. She's the mother of them all. She treats my mind right. I am still so impressed by how the theme of the song is overwhelming and she manages to give it a tragicomic side.

8. Philip Glass | Heroes (Aphex Twin Remix) (Orchestral Version of David Bowie's Heroes)
The best combination! I simply adore those 4 artists (including writer Brian Eno) and the result is as beautiful as it is scary but as in a nightmare-scary type of way: it's comfy and safe as you eventually realize you're in bed at home. You might as well enjoy the ride and redefine your role inside your nightmare.

9. Madonna | Deeper And Deeper
I was a child when I first heard it. I couldn't get the lyrics but I absolutely loved it, I would dance to it, make up dance shows on it, go totally insane on it. I had a feeling this song was about me. Then I had my I'm too cool for Pop phase in which I neglected all my Eurodance/Pop and Madonna past (Justify My Love and Rescue Me would also blow up my parent's speakers!) and once I got back to this track, it felt right, it felt inspiring and obvious. I get addicted easily and I just can't help falling in love, with the wrong things/people! It is also one hell of a Dance anthem a tad tacky but still, it never fails to get me exctatic!

10. The Cardigans | For What It's Worth
I remember sitting at my window and drinking wine doing what I love to do most: re-writing the past, making excuses to make it better. I'd pour myself another glass as I'd play the track again and again until I got quite drunk and cried on how truthful this song was. It's an amazing ballad and Nina Persson is an amazing songwriter.

+11. Ladytron | International Dateline
One of the most beautiful dark song I know. I discovered it as I was moving to Paris back in 2005 and facing its hard life, working 24/7 in survival jobs you can't stand. There's strong hope somehow in the melody, infering that things will change. That's mostly what I love to hear: melancholic melodies with a twinch of hope.

+12. Moloko | Forever More
This track is like therapy. It's beautiful, intense, nerve-racking and you end up out of breath just like after a long run.

+13. The Divine Comedy | Tonight We Fly
This one is my get-away song. Anyone should try it.

+14. Björk | Violently Happy
It says it all.