WARMER MIXTAPES #534 | by Jamaal R. Washington [Rufio The Jedi/Maal A Goomba]

1. Stunnaman | Yous A Chote (feat. Chippy)
I haven’t heard some new Stunnaman in too long, I wasn’t even expecting to hear him so I was geeked when he started going in. Also, Chippy You is poppin. Also, the beat is nuts. I love this track.

2. Björk | Venus As A Boy
A classic. I was reminded of this gem when I watched Leon the other day. It gets me in touch with my feminine side, it’s great.

3. French Montana | Move That Cane (feat. Waka Flocka)
This song makes me feel extremely hype. It makes me wanna do drugs, get money, and not give a fuck, three thingz I rlly like to do.

4. Tom Richman | 24k
So sexy. Vibe is extra right. Visions of a thousand intimate situations. I'm drunk in the club. I'm picking my girl up from her parent’s house. The sprinklers are on. The Moon is out. She smells rlly good… OMG.

5. MΔRRI$ | Affairs
I’m in a cave and it’s dripping with emeralds. The girl I need is at the end of the tunnel waiting for me. She’s the baddest bitch ever.

6. Maal A Goomba | Ball Out Remix
Out of all the songs I recorded on The Diana Frances Goomba Wave this might be my favorite. The harmony is so right. All I ever wanted was to ball out, spend a couple dollars, get some take home.

7. Common | Stay Schemin' (Remix)
I’m a sucker for a battle, I came up in that time where it meant something so I fuck with this type of move. I’m curious to see how it progresses. The beat is cold too.

8. Kirko Bangz | Drank In My Cup
This song is defiantly a guilty pleasure but I can’t help to vibe out to it when I hear it on the radio. The hook is solid.

9. Gucci Mane | Lemonade
This tune never gets old, still my favorite Gucci Mane song. Bangladesh killed the beat too.

10. Tom Richman | 92 Hardcore
I love this song. It’s like the dawn of a new age or some shit. I’d gladly walk into this world.