WARMER MIXTAPES #537 | by Howard and Guy Lawrence of Disclosure

1. The Blue Nile | A Walk Across The Rooftops
One of the best hand me down records our parents have delighted us with. This track's recording/production/vocal/everything... Get the hairs standing up on our necks everytime. If you don't have this album... Find it and immerse yourself in it.

2. Wild Beasts | Loop The Loop
First heard this song when they played it at Rough Trade on Record Store Day, there was something euphoric about this one, very excited about Smother.

3. D'Angelo | Greatdayindamornin'/Booty
Only discovered D'Angelo last year, and we listened to this album Voodoo hundreds of times. This track is my favorite because a friend of mine used to play it to me all the time.

4. Blackbird Blackbird | Hawaii (Sunvisor Remix)
We like this remix because it makes a Blackbird Blackbird song MORE 80's (this pushed it up our most played)... Bass is also sick.

5. James Blake | Give A Man A Rod (Second Version)
Perfect Blake drums and percussion right here... One of the best Blake tracks... Should have been on the album!

6. Lando Kal | Further
Two things...1... This is an amazing track... 2... The guys name is Lando Kal! He is the sickest guy in the galaxy and owns Cloud City, what more could you want...

7. Prince Club | Love Jackson
Went to BLOC Festival last year and pumped this haaaarrrd in our room every night. Good memories... Which barely remain as memories to be honest... More like happy blurs.

8. Paris Underground Trax | Sexy Thing Remix
Quite an amazing Deep House track for sure, and an incredible label as well (My Love Is Underground) with one of our favourite mottos... Play it vinyl or don't play it at all. Wanted to catch their night in London but missed it sadly... Still, every release and every track never fails to fucking get you. Think this is going for silly money on Discogs now... Good news!

As with everyone, we have caught Odd Future fever. Not the best thing to catch as I'm sure if you listen to it for too long you would eventually turn into a serial killing pedophiliac rapist... Still, this track shows a totally different side to Tyler... Much more sensitive and what a vocal sample that is! Fucking yes fucking Tyler... Fuck.

10. Blacksmif | TLC
Loving Blacksmif at the moment. Weird mixture of Garage beats, bass and almost Fly Lo strangeness. Was overjoyed when he sent us a few bangers... Always get's a play out.