WARMER MIXTAPES #538 | by Solomon Brown [Pizza Wizard] of FaceLord/CrimeRobbers, GUI, M∆DDEN and Duchovny

1. Charles Mingus | Track A - Solo Dancer
My good friend and bass instructor Todd Cambio bought me this album for my 13th birthday. Still one of my favorite compositions. The spaces and counter harmonies, the improvisation and all the different characters each of the instruments play, ufff.

2. Mariah Carey | Always Be My Baby
Her voice, her bod... Nuff said. Mariah = #WINNING. Freshman homecoming dance.

3. Lakutis | Death Shark
The most #based abstract minded Post Post Rapper. Long hair don't care. Shouts out to Heems and Kool AD of Das Racist.

4. Andre Nickatina | Blood N My Hair
Andre Nickatina has the sickest West Coast flow ever of all time. So hood and yet so eloquent. Some of my favorite raps came from his collaborations with Saafir. Honorable mention, their song Hell's Kitchen.

5. George Winston | Autumn
I have been sampling this guy ever since I started making beats, and writing Winston-esque piano lines. My mom collected records and had a lot of Windham Hill label records, the label George Winston released many records on. I love my mom.
6. Salem | Imasheet
I first heard Salem through some (???) mixtape in like late 2008- early 2009, it was their song Trapdoor, I loved it. I asked their agent at the time if they were available to play shows, they were. So they played my hometown with another of my favorite bands Excepter and my band at the time. I believe it was JFR from Excepter who bootlegged the show and sent me a copy... (after mollywopping a pervy creeper in the audience in the dome with a megaphone, JFR a true hommie/thug). One of the songs on the bootleg Imasheet has inspired me lyrically and harmonically ever since.

7. Iron Maiden | Flash Of The Blade
This song was featured in the Dario Argento film Phenomena. I love everything by Maiden but some of their lesser known works are their best. My brother Cyrus, a large contributer to M∆DDEN, is the most shreddingest guitar players I've ever heard. He helps me when I need to blast Iron Maiden and finish a 30 pack of Ham's.

8. Black Uhuru | Darkness
Michael Rose, the former lead singer, is a friend of my father and a huge influence in the message of the lyrics I write. Also Sly and Robbie are the best riddem section known to the Human Race.

9. Cannibal Ox | Straight Off The D.I.C.
Future Rap. These men spit the real bonfire. El-P produced this entire album and sampled Philip Glass on the majority of it, bonus points.

10. Sade | By Your Side (Neptunes Remix)
No lie, I still cry when I hear this song. I spent a little stretch in a correctional facility and there was a local radio station (89.9 WORT) that had a Saturday night call-in Hip-Hop show. So all the dudes would call in their shout outs and what not. I would request this song for my girlfriend at the time.

+11. Karen O | Immigrant Song (feat. Trent Reznor) (Led Zeppelin Cover) (Chopped And Skrewed)
Two of the more famous Icepunks colab on a great classic Zep cover. #ICEPUNK #PIXXVGVNG #FAMOUS