WARMER MIXTAPES #569 | by Mason Anthony Thomas [~ Ǥ õ § ƪ õ ŵ ~/∆STR∆Y∆/ħiȵđư ҟư$ħ/World Class/Jurassic] of L☪rdz Of P☯$H

1. Nathan Lane And Ernie Sabella With Jason Weaver And Joseph Williams | Hakuna Matata (The Lion King Soundtrack by Elton John And Hans Zimmer)
Not only my favorite movie of all time but one of the most meaningful songs to ever exist. When I was a kid I didn't really understand what they were saying cuz I never tried listening to lyrics as a kid, but as soon as I realized Music can make me happy & feel better about Life (when it starts to get hard)... I fell in love with this song & decided to live my life by its code. No worries for the rest of my days... It gives me the feeling that nothing can go wrong & that I'll always be who I am... That's why I got Hakuna Matata tattooed on me, so I'll never forget...

2. Andrea Bocelli | Por Ti Volaré
I've never really listened to Opera much so I can say that this is my favorite Opera song. Haha. To be honest the way I found out about this song was its Techno remix, which is probably my favorite Techno song too, haha... But there's so much more that me & this song has been through together. It's been there through my first real love and now just a permanent memory of what Love is to me. Me and first lover would cry in happiness when this song would play... We had this mutual feeling of Perfect Bliss... Whenever I try and think of Pure Happiness I just play this song.

3. Madonna | Ray Of Light
I can't even explain how this song makes me feel... Just weird... Not good, not bad.... Just weird. First off when my mom & dad were getting a divorce when I was a lil kid me and my mom ran away, she was still young and happy so she would listen to this song and dance... I remember her being really happy even though things were so bad... Like she was too old to go to clubs and dance so she had to stay home to watch me... It's a long story... But now... To day were I am I just wanna shout out to my mom this song is for her... Cuz I'm just too confused about everything, lol, oh btw I wrote a song called CRY which is all these feelings so just listen to it and u might understand more...

4. Soulja Boy | So Far Gone
A really dope beat with great melodies... I think this song is too ahead of its time... Like people just pass over it cuz his voice goes out of key and it don't sound all that good... People need to give Soulja a break and actually listen to what he is saying in this song... If you do then you'll see where he's coming from, just straight up fuck haters, saying he is to far gone to care about all the bullshit people wanna say... And if u watch the video it's of him buying munchies at a gas station, showing what he does when he gets high on a regular basis... I think it's a perfect example what I call #WeedMusic. It's sloppy and doesn't sound perfect... Yet it has good meaning and keeps it real.

5. Third Eye Blind | Never Let You Go
Okay, for real the dude who writes Third Eye Blind's lyrics is a fucking genius and writes the realest lyrics ever. He is the one who gave me all the inspiration to start writing songs. This was their first hit... Yet it's just a silly Love song... But he puts so much heart is what he is saying and expresses real feelings of Love and what comes with those feelings... Like making promises. It also is super Poppy and that's why it was on the radio & people like it. It shows that you can write songs about personal feelings and have the mass population understand you... Which is the best thing about Music.

6. The Beach Boys | Kokomo
So this song literally is what got me through high school. Everyday I would walk to school and listen to this with so much motivation to graduate and start a live I dreamed of... I hope everyone knows that there is no such place called Kokomo, The Beach Boys made it up. They made this place up out of imagination. A place where you can go to get away from it all away from everyday life... (it's in the lyrics, just listen)... It's such a great message, and it takes me to a place of Happiness every time I hear it.

7. Hot Chelle Rae | Tonight Tonight
This song is for my sister, it's her favorite song. I didn't like it at first cuz I thought it was just silly contrived radio junk, but as soon as I heard my sister singing it and knowing how she feels about Life, it instantly turned into one of my favs. When he sings lalala oh well lalala whatever lalala doesn't matter... I don't know if I'll make it but watch how good I'll fake it... Really a party anthem to the max weather yr at a party or just in a horrible place... U can always be happy and have a party by yr self.

8. Wavves | Satan Try To Stop Me
Haha, umm, well I just like this song cuz it's real as fuck. With lyrics like "some days are better spent inside a dream just for me "... Like u can't go wrong with that... I think everyone feels that way sometimes. If not yr weird or not a human being. Wavves is definitely a huge inspiration cuz he is into weed & beach stuff... But not just that, it's like me brings the Hip Hop game into the Indie Hipster relm... Starting Drama and being a Rock star by just being a loser who smokes weed all the time... Like there's a lil bit of that in all of us who smoke... Cuz when yr high yr lazy... That's wat so called #WeedMusic is... Not trying hard to make Music, taking the easy way out... No body can stop that.

9. jj | Work Hard, Be Nice
Don't even get me started on jj... Like I don't know what I would do if they didn't make Music. Seriously some real ass people... The lyrics in this songs are too fuckin real. They have an acapella version so u can hear them better on that...

10. Nirvana | Something In The Way
Okay, so when I first started getting into Music I really liked Grunge, first band was Grunge, first songs I wrote were all Grunge, and my hero was Kurt Cobain. Remember this was a long time ago, haha. I'm still Grunge though more than anything, like I'm just keeping it real, so about this song... Um, well, I just like how simple it is, it's only two chords and it's super slow with REALLY basic ass lyrics... Yet at the same time it's so much more...

+11. Why? | Simeon's Dilemma
I went through my whole first Love experience with this song. It's the realest Love song ever written. With the realest lyrics. Why? was the band that showed me that it is possible to make Music with lyrics with personal expression. I write all my lyrics the same way Why? does. Extremely personal, hoping that some person might feel the same way.

+12. Salem | Reserection
Another song that showed me how it's possible to make Music with no genre. This song gives me a very strong feeling I will never forget. I had time in my life where I was happy cause I had no reason to be unhappy. This song gives me that feeling of content, at the same time of fear of never having it again, or a still, numb, timeless feeling.

+13. Marina And The Diamonds | Shampain
Makes me feel Celestial. Amazing song to be alone and drunk too. Great for staring into the empty night sky, alone. Great song for bathing in the Moon light.

+14. Q Lazzarus | Goodbye Horses
Best beat of all Time. Strong world-ending lyrics, perfect for running away to. Yes, it's from the movie Silence Of The Lambs but it completely displays the mainly and feeling behind it.

+15. Sheryl Crow | Everyday Is A Winding Road
Almost every day I walk my dog around this park that has a very winding pathway and I listen to this song. Me and my dog frolic in the flowers and I try to take in the beauty of the park. I usually end up crying tears of joy while listening to this song on repeat. Each day I get a little bit closer. But the pathway is in the shape of a circle.

+16. Petula Clark | Downtown
I would sing this song to the girl I once loved when she would cry, to cheer her up. It worked every time, and we would end up singing it along with each other. Another reason why this song is so mind blowing is because of its simplicity. How it bring pure joy no matter what. While being in 60's quality.

+17. Elton John | Can You Feel The Love Tonight
Songs brings Timeless Moments, Heart Ache, Romance, Care, and Feeling Of Pure Compassion. Not just a Love song but a song to make Love to. This song throws away all Hate from my heart , and makes me what to Forgive and Forget.