WARMER MIXTAPES #570 | by Ian Watt and Francesca Ross (The Tigerpicks) of I Am A Camera

SIDE A | by Francesca Ross

Hi, I'm Francesca Ross, formerly a member of The Tigerpicks.
I'm currently the female half of the I Am A Camera duo.

1. Yeah Yeah Yeahs | Tick
A short, snappy song packing it all in to 1 minute 49 seconds. This track reminds me of nights out in Electro clubs in Manchester. The album Fever To Tell is one of my Top 5 records that I could listen to any time, in any mood, anywhere.

2. The Human League | Empire State Human
Taken from the 1979 album Reproduction. It's got a trippy, tumbling vocal line in the chorus that I really like. There's a live performance on YouTube taken from an old UK TV show called Mainstream that's worth checking out.

3. Lana Del Rey | Born To Die (I Am A Camera Remix)
Lana actually came to our gig a few months ago so it was great to get asked to remix the track. We wanted to bring a little touch of 70's Sci-Fi Horror into the mix. Lots of filthy drums and a few old analogue keyboards to bring out the dark, sinister side to the track.

4. Fun Boy Three | Our Lips Are Sealed (12" Mix)
My favourite Fun Boy Three song. Their version is taken from the David Byrne produced album, Waiting. This extended 12" mix breaks up all the parts perfectly, with great harmonies from June Miles-Kingston. It probably has the edge on the Go Gos version for me.

5. Santigold | Disparate Youth
The second song released from the new Santigold record Master Of My Make Believe. This rhythmic track is full of old flavour and New Wave keyboards. This is the second track on my mixtape produced by Dave Sitek. I'm liking the reference to his bands album Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes.

6. Wild Belle | Keep You
New song doing the rounds on the blogs by Chicago twosome called Wild Belle. Loving the lazy Reggae vibe, great horns too.

7. Space | Magic Fly
French Synth Pop from the late 70s. As far as instrumentals go, this is up there with the best.

8. M.I.A. | Bad Girls
Love this new song from M.I.A. The desert party video really adds to it. Note the part where she's just filing her nails on the top of a car on two wheels. This makes me excited to hear the other new material.

9. Sleigh Bells | Rill Rill (Clique NewTrends Remix)
This is a track which needs to be played on full volume. It's great when you hear a new song you instantly like and this remix really gives it a twist. Although I usually love a whole lot of distortion, the remix makes it cleaner and with it's shakers & claps becomes a more danceable track.

10. Willy Moon | She Loves Me
A Hip Hop/Rockabilly/Breakbeat hybrid, all wrapped up in a razor sharp suit. Liked the track more when I saw his gig recently at Notting Hill Arts Club.

SIDE B | by Ian Watt

1. Prince | Something In The Water (Does Not Compute)
This was the year my parents decided (after much pleading from me) to get me a proper Stereo for Christmas. I was aged 12 and most of my Christmas day was spent with this track on loop. Luckily my mother knew nothing of the amount of filth on this record! I had already worn out my cassette of Purple Rain and loved every second of it, but 1999 was the album that made me fall in Love with Prince. Everything about this album sounded (and still sounds) fresh and brave. This song has Prince on his Minimal production style. Just a drum machine, some fucked up keyboards and that incredible vocal. When he screams at 2:34 I'm back in my old bedroom dancing around with a touch of eyeliner and dreaming of recording studios.

2. THEESatisfaction | Pause
I saw them when they supported Little Dragon a few weeks ago in London. Absolutely loved them!! It was just them and a boombox. This track reminds me of Arrested Development who I'm a massive fan of. Great lyrics and some fantastic 90's R&B vocal hooks thrown in for good measure.

3. Maxwell | Pretty Wings
Maxwell could sing my friends list on Facebook and make it heartbreaking. He could sing the ingredients off the side of an Aunt Bessie's Chocolate Cake and destroy your heart!! The most incredible voice and songwriter. I could actually pick quite a few (Drowndeep: Hula, Know These Things) but this seems to top of the list today.

4. Joni Mitchell | Come In From The Cold
It's sometimes difficult to remember a time when we didn't have instant messages/Facebook and 4 thousand emails to answer in an afternoon but somehow she manages to take me to a time in her life when she lived in a very innocent world. I've always been a big fan of hers… So many great albums.

5. Lianne La Havas | Forget
A few mornings ago this track woke me up. I was in bed half asleep and I could hear this great song coming from somewhere. I was still sort of dreaming so I wasn't sure if it was actually real… Anyway I quickly spurn out of bed and recorded a snippet on my phone and bought it straight away. The production on this track is hot, (I love those drums) and her vocal is beautiful.

6. Public Enemy | Welcome To The Terrordome
The Bomb Squad production on this is amazing. Multibol layered samples to create that wall of sound. I like how Chuck D called the production team the Phil Spector of Hip Hop. You can hear the influence of this record all over the The Chemical Brothers and Prodigy in the early nineties.

7. Lana Del Rey | Radio
I love her album. I think lyrically she's fantastic. 'Now my life is sweet like cinnamon...
Like a fucking dream I'm living in'. Throughout the record I love how she can write about giving everything for Love but still sound brave and strong. Plus there's a lot of humour in her lyrics too. Those Hip Hop beats and her sweet vocal are a perfect combo.

8. M83 | Midnight City
Loving on this album… It's got balls. This track is just perfect Power Pop

9. Katy Perry | Teenage Dream
I don't care if folks think this isn't cool or not... It's a fucking great Pop song. It's basically the New Radicals You Get What You Give chorus and that just adds to how great it is. I defy anyone when they are drunk or off their faces not to shout this chorus.

10. Depeche Mode | I Feel You
I've always loved this band! Violator was a fantastic album but Songs Of Faith And Devotion is head and shoulder above everything else they have done I think. When I 1st heard this track I was so incredibly excited about Music and creating new idea from the screeching noise intro and those massive drums to David Gahan's epic vocal… This track is absolute mayhem and all the better for it. During the recording process for this album they changed everything about how they worked so they could keep evolving and I admire that. My fave bit is at 2:32... Just the drums, bass and some fucked up delays and amazing noises. Flood and Alan Wilder really used the space in this track; you can hear a lot of motion and drive.