WARMER MIXTAPES #579 | by Enrique Vans Martinez [Sweet Leech]

1. Patrice Bäumel | Roar
This track just has such life to it without having Life to it. Does that make sense? It makes me lose my mind but at times brings me back to Reality. The song has no kick drum what so ever, and is honestly I think no more than 3-4 instruments in total. I was trying to find some weird DJ tools and just odd style tracks and I stumbled across this one and my search ended there. I was completely satisfied with what I found.

2. Radiohead | Lotus Flower
Beautiful... Just beautiful... Makes me wish I was some sort of debris floating in the wide open space of the Ocean. I've always been a huge Radiohead fan and this was coincidentally the first track I listened to on the album. I never listen to the first song of an album, just a rule of my life.

3. Mojek | Keyboard Chords (Tony Quattro Remix)
If you're either getting ready to go out and party too hard or ready to go rob a bank, this is the last song you should listen to before you enter the building. Guaranteed success. First heard it from my crew (FilthyWHAT?!) member Justin Weisberg, headed straight to Tony Quattro's Soundcloud and did all I could to get a copy. Tony Quattro is a ridiculous producer, keep your ears open for his tracks.

4. Mike G | Disco Radio
If you have a soul, this song will make you move some how some way. The bass hits so hard but is still so groovy. Also amazing sampling work. Mike G has been stepping his game up hard lately and been following him for a bit, make sure you do the same.

5. Justin Weisberg | So Moist
CLASSIC, so much Bounce and Groove packed into one track. I remember playing this track back at underground warehouse parties. Extremely proud to be a part of the amazing Filthy WHAT?! All-Star Team with Justin. Keep up if you can with this guy, tracks are ridiculously great.

6. Clouds | Future Blaster
Don't drive and listen to this song. You will get a speeding ticket. I get so amped listening to this track, it's a mega hit in every club I've played. Has so much energy and vibe to it, brings everyone to the Dance floor.

7. Neil Landstrumm | Disfunktion
Another great groovy track, love the Lo-Fi sound of all the instruments, very Minimal but so full of energy. Every time I listen to it I get the tom drum pattern stuck in my head for days.

8. Nina Kraviz | Show Me Your Time
Hypnotizing, you fall in Love and in a trance with this track for sure. The slight variations to the sample are genius, your body will feel the difference but you wont be able to pin point what changed.

9. Ezekiel | Drop Ur Ass
Came across this track when it was released with my track Measured on the MovelTraxx Da Movelt Posse Episode 5 album. One of the most awesome music as well, another must keep up with because his tracks are getting HUGE.

10. Myrryrs | Blood Of A Slave
My heart hurts but is healed all in one track. This song has the most beautiful ideas and sounds packed into 4 minute and 42 second track. The first time I heard this song was through the BYRSLF Division label and I could not stop listening nor playing it at my shows... I didn't care if it fit what I was playing or not. It was just a must have and must hear. I still listen to this track quite often nowadays.