WARMER MIXTAPES #580 | by Timothée Philippe, Antoine Meersseman and Diego Leyder of BRNS

SIDE A | by Timothée Philippe

1. Sufjan Stevens | Impossible Soul
After You Are The Blood, this song by Sufjan has made me want to put an end to my job and make Music as full-time occupation. I’ll do it someday, I swear!

2. cLOUDDEAD | The Keen Teen Skip
I’ve been listening to this cLOUDDEAD (Ten) album over and over during 6 months. It may be the best album I’ve ever heard. I rediscover it each time I listen to it and it never gets boring. Boundless ideas, incredible sound... I love this song, especially for… The radio-controlled car scratching at 3’36”.

3. Menomena | The Pelican
When I discovered Menomena (thank you Antoine), I radically changed my way of composing Music. Their gig was also one of the most amazing show I've ever been to. I really understood what Pop Music was all about and I cannot turn my back on it ever since. The drums and voices on this track are impressive!

4. tUnE-yArDs | Gangsta
Amazing discovery two years ago! I must have looked like a 5-year-old during her two live performances I've seen in Brussels.

5. Gorillaz | Clint Eastwood
I discovered MTV in 2002 through this band. I’m fond of Animation, and an avowed fan of Damon Albarn from then on. This band made me want to make Music. This guy led me to composing songs. This song made me discover Hip-Hop... It's the band of my adolescence (but not only...).

6. Blur | Song 2
Damon again. I had been singing both this song and Smells Like Teen Spirit during my whole preteen years without knowing which bands played them. I feel in Love with Rock Music with these two tracks.

7. Les Savy Fav | The Slip
The best show I’ve seen in 2010. Maybe the most impressive of my whole life. And I love this song!

8. Daft Punk | Something About Us
Daft Punk’s Discovery is one of the very first LPs I bought with my pocket money (after Europop by Eiffel 65...) and Something About Us is the most listened to song on my iTunes... Sooo sweet!

9. Animal Collective | My Girls
It hasn’t been easy to listen to this band. I really had a hard time enjoying their music... Up until I heard this song! Wow... I'm now able to tell who I have to thank for my ability to find vocal counterpoints: my mother, who directed the church choir when I was a kid, and Animal.

10. Noir Désir | L'Homme Pressé
I've learned to play drums with this song. I was taking part in a contest at school. I had two weeks to learn the song. My brother ranked higher than I did.

SIDE B | by Antoine Meersseman

1. BARR | The Song Is The Single
A brilliant diary.

2. Scout Niblett | Kiss (with Bonnie "Prince" Billy)
I am not a Love Song fan at all but this one is a tear jerker. Two artists of Honesty and Integrity. I admire their work and approach.

3. Future Islands | An Apology
This was THE highlight of 2010. Those guys are friends of Dan Deacon. Samuel Herring’s voice is truly impressive! It works like a rude awakening for me: when hearing him, I realise that I sound like a duck.

4. Sparklehorse | Happy Man
Sparklehorse’s universe is one of the most profound and depressing ever. I listened so much to his music in my teenage years. His death has been a terrible shock and it adds a new dimension to his songs.

5. Diabologum | La Maman Et La Putain
Dark, uncompromising, pretentious, opaque. The greatest French rock band!

6. Islands | Where There's A Will There's A Whalebone
I discovered Islands out of sheer luck at a festival and I’ll not forget it any time soon. These guys are a bunch of weirdos with three Chinese people all dressed in white who jump all around. Crazy!

7. Karate | New Martini
A key album of the nineties. An epic song, just the way I like them.

8. King Creosote & Jon Hopkins | John Taylor's Month Away
Brilliant collaborative work resulting in one of 2011's most beautiful albums. Perfect union between Folk Music and Field Recording. My personal favourite of this year.

9. Mission Of Burma | That's When I Reach For My Revolver
There’s an incredible sense of urgency in this track, which has been my first contact with Post-Punk. A nice gateway to a lot of other good stuff…

10. Morphine | Buena
Mark Sandmann certainly is one of the bass players who made me dream the most when I started playing Music, and he still does! Both rooted in the ‘90s and atemporal!

+11. Hymie's Basement | All Them Boys
I love the crew made of Why?, Fog, Themselves… All the little ants of Anticon. It certainly is one of their most brilliant projects.

SIDE C | by Diego Leyder

1. The Beatles | Yellow Submarine
This is the first band I have been a fan of and the first chorus in English I have been able to sing. I was around 6 when I discovered them. We formed a band during playtime in primary school: we played the drums on old tyres and it really meant a lot, not something to joke about!

2. Red Hot Chili Peppers | Aeroplane
I remember sitting in my father’s car listening to the tape of the One Hot Minute LP. I was amazed by the fresh, joyful and Funky sound, which was totally new to me.

3. Jimi Hendrix | Purple Haze
We surely don’t realize how much he brought to Modern Music… This song has everything.

4. Interpol | Obstacle 1
The insistent drumming, entangled guitar lines, inventive bass and deep voice all team up to create a beautifully haunted atmosphere. This LP is definitely a personal landmark.

5. Miles Davis | So What
Less is more! Two chords are actually enough... Why play so many notes instead of just choosing the most beautiful?

6. Pat Metheny | Bright Size Life
Metheny instantaneously creates melodies through exploring the twists and turns of the harmonic progression. The debut album of a guitar genius, also featuring the man who changed the way people play the electric bass in Jazz Music and related.

7. 65daysofstatic | Don't Go Down To Sorrow
This track is a perfect summary of what this band is capable of: raw energy, intensity and creativity. They have been my gateway to so-called Post-Rock Music.

8. Godspeed You! Black Emperor | 09-15-00 (Part One)
As it is often the case with this collective, the different movements of the track make me feel various and sometimes opposite emotions. Their work on texture and harmony in order to create soundscapes is mind-blowing.

9. Meleeh | Malign
One of the most melodic and inventive Hardcore/Punk/Screamo bands around. Or is this music called Post-Hardcore?

10. 31Knots | Candles On Open Water
A truly innovative power trio. The compositions, arrangements, sounds and Joe Haege’s refreshing guitar playing show that there is new and exciting way for Rock Music.