WARMER MIXTAPES #583 | by Aldo Marrussero [Aldo Benítez] of Marcelo & Aldo, Rock Set, Entre Otros and Los Sueños

Photo by Pablo Schanton.

1. Meredith Monk | Dolmen Music: Overture And Men's Conclave/Wa-ohs/Rain/Pine Tree Lullaby/Calls/Conclusion
In this intense vocal performance by Meredith Monk, called Dolmen Music, I specially love the dialogue between the performers without any recognizable word. I've first heard it in the documentary about Contemporary Musical Performers directed by Peter Greenaway. It was really revealing for me when I saw it in a singing class some years ago with my dear teacher Laura Fabris.

2. Luzmila Carpio | Ama Sua, Ama Llulla, Ama Qhella
The Devotion she filters in every verse gets very deep inside me every time I hear it. The first time that my friend Diego De Aduriz told me about this Bolivian singer I couldn't believe her bird-like voice was real, mainly in the chorus. I can see this video and play that song several times.

3. Juana Molina | ¿Quién? (Suite)
The last part of this composition (added tacitly to that song in her last record, Son, but originally recorded in her album Segundo) just makes me fly. She uses to join the original song and the suite in her gigs and it's an amazing experience.

4. Leda Valladares Y María Elena Walsh | Tres Morillas
This beautiful Spanish composition by Matilde Salvador I Segarra called Tres Morillas is interpretated here in a strange and heartfelt version by Leda & María. When you listen again and again to this song, it leads to deep states of Contemplation. I guarantee it.

5. Robocopodenieve + Andy Servidio | Cala
This is a song that I really appreciate a lot and that I've put in the first cassette release (Mujeres Planta Total) for my label: Spit On BPM. The distorted bass with violent cuts. Silences. Wonderful Music games.

6. Rosario Bléfari | Malas Estrellas
Now I'm choosing a warm and asymmetric song. The lyrics are very strange but familiar at the same time. A part of it says something like: “anyone could do it but no one is watching”, it almost makes me cry every time I hear it. I have made a dancefloor version of it that remains unreleased for the moment, but sometimes I play it live or in DJ sets.

7. Linda Perhacs | Chimacum Rain
Ambiguous and deep song that takes me by surprise some years ago in a lecture by Pablo Schanton at Goethe Institute (Buenos Aires). I can't stop listening to that lady so far. There's a track on a re-edition of her album in which she talks about the production of this song, incredible.

8. Maria Minerva | California Scheming
One of the most beautiful songs that I've heard in the last years. Some people say that everything is unintelligible in this song but maybe this is the element that I like the most. A lot of Lo-Fi voices coming in and out and a precious bass-line slowly takes everything to the right place. Lovely.

9. Solex | Chris The Birthday Boy
I was fortunate to see a Solex live show some years ago in Buenos Aires. She played this song. I celebrated it dancing awkwardly. I wore a cast on my arm at that time. A haunting song for me ever since. The melody of the chorus as free and structured at the same time, back to my head again, every so often, without hearing the song.

10. Marina And The Diamonds | Obsessions (oOoOO Remix)
One of the cleverest remixes that I've heard in years, oOoOO chooses to play just with a few words (even with fragments of words) of the original song. He manages to make a collage filled with a mysterious and gentle spirit. Could listen to it on loop all afternoon.