WARMER MIXTAPES #582 | by Jordan Koplowitz and Reed Juenger of Beat Connection

SIDE A | by Reed Juenger

1. Saint Etienne | Spring (Air France Remix)
I love both of these bands, this is like a dream collaboration. The mild changes that Air France provide make this track one of my favorites ever. Sounds like the first sunny day in Spring. Most of my good memories have this song overdubbed...

2. The Tough Alliance | Neo Violence
When I think of Pop Music as an Abstract this is what comes to mind for me. At the end of this track they just go so hard, I can't believe it, this song pulses with so much energy and good feelings.

3. The Avalanches | A Different Feeling
I really wanted to pick the whole album Since I Left You instead of just one track, but I guess that would have been a bit overboard. This song shifts through so many different emotions, I think this track is very cinematic. The way The Avalanches were able to make a beautiful album, and an artistic statement, out of Pop refuse is astounding.

4. Cut Copy | That Was Just A Dream
The little suite of songs surrounding this track on Cut Copy's first album is gold. I can recall this melody so easily, and the whole track sounds as close to a dream as I can imagine.

5. LCD Soundsystem | Someone Great
The way this song unfolds is crazy, it's so patient, and so rewarding. Every layer that comes in is just so beautiful. The dead pan vocal delivery is spot on amazing.

6. Daft Punk | Digital Love
Not many bands can make a song with lyrics this corny, with a fucking Supertramp style Rhodes drop, and a crazy guitar solo. But Daft Punk can, and it's inspiring.

7. Ice Cube | Today Was A Good Day
This song is made out of two 2-bar loops taken from one song, but it never gets old, it's amazing. And Ice Cube's flow is so great, this track just has an amazing vibe. Could even see the lights of the good year blimp... And they said Ice Cube's a pimp...

8. Friendly Fires | Paris (feat. Au Revoir Simone) (Aeroplane Remix)
I love this song. It feels like riding a jet ski across waves of Opulence. Au Revoir Simone's vocals compliment Aeroplane's Balearic Disco production so well. Damn.

9. Talking Heads | This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)
Absolute pioneers in my opinion. The way this band was able to build grooves up was so amazing, you can hear them in every different genre of Music now. And the vocal melody gets me every time. That with the goofy 80's synth flute. Home is where I want to be/but I guess I'm already there. Now that's a sentiment.

10. Joy Orbison | Hyph Mngo
Of all the post Burial productions coming out of the UK, this was one of the first ones to reach my ear. The build up has so much tension and makes the drop just huge. When it cuts to the synth in the beginning things just get to feeling so damn epic. Had a hard time choosing this over Maybes by Mount Kimbie, that whole style of Music is above me.

SIDE B | by Jordan Koplowitz

1. Toto | Africa
This is probably one of my favorite songs of all time. I have a super vivid memory of the last day of summer camp watching a video recapping our time there and this song was the sound track. I had never heard it before and from then on this song has reminded me of spending Time in the Sun with my friends.

2. Body Language | New Day
One of my favorite new(ish) bands. All their tracks are solid but I love the vocal samples in this cut.

3. Zoot Woman | It's Automatic
Simple but elegant. This song kind of reminds me of being at some really high class party sipping gin and tonics and repeatedly making eye contact with a hot lady but never actually talking to her.

4. M83 | Run Into Flowers
M83 always seems to make some of the most Emotional music out there and he does it without using many lyrics. Big ups.

5. Hot Chip | The Warning
The album The Warning is still one my favorite albums. I really couldn't decide between the tracks but I finally came to a conclusion on this song because it reminds me of driving to Seattle (the city I currently live in) with the girl I used to really like but she didn't know it.

6. Clive Tanaka Y Su Orquesta | Neu Chicago
I played this song a lot during my winter break a year ago and really started to get into it. I love how the chicks voice is really cracked up and sounds weird. They both say that some one is me but her voice makes me feel like she doesn't really mean it.

7. Theophilus London | Flying Overseas (feat. Devonté Hynes and Solange Knowles)
T.L. is the Future of Rap. Pretty much everything he puts out is so rad and his style is crispy.

8. Gold Panda | You
Perfect for laying in bed reading a book or hanging out with a girl and feeling like a badass.

9. Skee-Lo | I Wish
This came out when I was 5 I think. Soooo likable. There's really nothing about this song not to like. I'm so sick of every Rap song talking about how much money they have or how sick they are and how many girls they get. Skee-Lo's self-deprecating humorous rhymes really just make me smile and think yeah, I do wish I was a baller as well.

10. Brick | Happy
If you listen to this song, you will know why I chose it.