WARMER MIXTAPES #591 | by Markus Mehr [Aroma/Pioneers Of Hi-Fi]

1. Rah Band | Clouds Across The Moon
Such good piece of the 80's Pop Music. The story in this song is so, so sad. It touches me to the core until today. The synthies sound incredibly cheesy... But that doesn't matter at all. This song is a masterpiece. I hope no one ever will cover this song.

2. The B-52's | 52 Girls
I love the Minimalism on the yellow record. Not one song fails. Each one is a classic and 52 Girls sums it all up. The red album is very good too and some say, Whammy! is supposed to be as good. But I disagree. The yellow album is unreachable. It reminds me of some cool hanging-around-on-the-bumper-car-place, with a pimply face and bad haircuts.

3. Munich Machine | Get On The Funk Train
I have to admit, that I'm a real big fan of Giorgio Moroder (and Cerrone too). This man was a pioneer and his visions of Dance Music are relevant 'til today. In my eyes the songs - or should I say tracks - on this record are crap. But the production is outstanding. Actually the original record Munich Machine is not so easy to get. I borrowed it from a friend and never gave it back.

4. Four Tet | Jupiters
This track just came out a few weeks ago and I swear this will be one of my all time favourites. It is so well composed, every sound is cristal clear and fits perfectly together. The percusive beat doesn't makes me dance at all... And that's really good. The vocal sample marks the climax on this work. I don't understand a word the lady sings – but that's really good too.

5. Andy Williams | It's Too Late (Carole King Cover)
This song is written by Carole King, and there are a lot of good versions out there (Frank Sinatra, Jr. for example) but Andy Williams did the best. I own a lot of his records (and he did tons), but this is my all time favourite of his reportoire. He croones over this song in such a unique way and the orchestra-arrangement is just brilliant. „It's Too Late“ tells the sad storry about splitting up, but with inimitable words.

6. Lawrence English | Frost's Bitter Grip
This one came out last autumn. I've been following Lawrence English for many records now, but Frost's Bitter Grip tops it all. It's a clustering thicket with no beginning and no end. Believe me or not, I've listened to this song at least 700 times and I still can't tell you what makes me go crazy about this... But it does.

7. Madonna | Drowned World/Substitute For Love
Ah... Come on - Forgive me! I'm completely addicted to Madonna and especially to this song.

8. The Replacements | The Ledge
An American Punk band - now grown up. This record came out in the mid-eighties. Paul Westerberg was such a good storyteller and regarding Creativity, the band was on its peak on the record Pleased To Meet You. The Ledge is about a boy standing on the roof and we take part on his last thoughts and impressions before he jumps down. Not to forget: One of the best guitar-licks ever.

9. R. Dean Taylor | Fire And Rain
Such a big song. How I love this crooner-shit. Just yesterday morning, they let me know you were gone... Strong lyrics... Brilliant! Taylor was a songwriter for other artists and produced only one record - as far as I know - including this song. He did such a sensitive job on the vocals and the orchestra is so well arranged. There is a very certain atmosphere in this song that touches me still deeply.

10. Bon Iver | Perth
This record is on heavy rotation in our (my girlfriend loves it even more) kitchen Stereo. Nothing sounds like this. A complete different approach to today's Pop Music. I hope this guy will make Music forever. The sound design of this record is amazing – it beats Fleetwood Mac's Tusk - I guess - and that's really something.

+11. Fotos | Giganten
This one goes out to my buddy Tom. What a talent. It's one of the best German songs ever written. Emotional but not cheesy at all. My girlfriend cried when she heard it the first time. Do I have to say more?

+12. Thomas Feiner | The Siren Songs
Be careful, this song will break your heart. You'll never be the same after listening to that piece of Music. After a long and winding journey the album The Opiates - Revised was re-released on David Sylvian's Samadhisound. The Siren Songs is the opener for a timeless classic. Nobody sings like Thomas Feiner.