WARMER MIXTAPES #592 | by Mikaela Urbom [Coco]

1. Christina Aguilera | I Will Be
This song really opened my heart to Music, I've always loved Music but this one took it to another level. Her honesty in this song still gives me chills. The first time I heard it I was 14, I was blown away by Christina's vocal performance. It always reminds me of why I love Singing.

2. Lana Del Rey | Off To The Races
Something about her Modern Nancy Sinatra sound mixed with the heavy beats and the almost a bit Psychedelic harmonies gives this song a magical new sound that I really love. I can listen to this song no matter what mood I'm in.

3. R. Kelly | I Believe I Can Fly
A real classic but I really gotta put this one in. It was the first song I performed solo when I was a kid. I sang in a Godspell choir and they asked me if I wanted to sing this one. I remember that I was touched by R. Kelly's voice and the way he's spreading the feeling of Freedom. He really got the message through cause I'm "flying" every time I hear this.

4. Beyoncé | Hello
I simply love this song, it's the combination of Rhythmical Singing/fantastic Phrasing and her powerful voice that catches me. I had just seen the I AM Tour concert when I first heard this song, Beyoncé is one of the most incredible performers all time so that made me even more addicted to it.

5. Eskobar | Someone New (feat. Heather Nova)
The reason I pick this song is because my dad used to play this every Friday when he got from work and I came home from school. It was always a happy wonderful feeling and a great way to welcome the weekend, and not to forget that it is a beautifully made song.

6. Gnarls Barkley | Crazy
The groove, the voice, the feeling and lyrics, everything is just genius. Cee-Lo's organic deep voice screaming out Craaazy makes me go crazy too for sure!

7. B.o.B | Nothin' On You (feat. Bruno Mars)
This song made me discover both B.o.B and Bruno's music, I heard it when I was in LA 2010 riding in a cab with the Sun in my face, I remember that I felt like a was in a movie, 17 years old and far from home. When I hear this song it just always makes me smile and that's all it takes for me to love it!

8. Justin Timberlake | What Goes Around... Comes Around
Justin's R'n'B songs are always fantastic pieces of Art and this one has such beautiful and cleaver sing a long melody. His Musicality has always amazed me.

9. Drake | Take Care (feat. Rihanna)
Great song, lyrics that is relatable and creatively written. The way Rihanna sings her part makes me believe every word. I heard this for the first time in New York, I was caught by the fact that it was so simple, I think that is why it touched me. Pure Emotion.

10. Beyoncé | Schoolin' Life
I can't help dancing to this Old School sound, and the reflection of Life in the lyrics is brilliant with a bit of humor... But still so right on! I think we all can relate to it. If you see me on the street bouncing up and down… It's probably 'cause I have this one in my headphones! It's impossible to not move.