WARMER MIXTAPES #594 | by Ştefan Văleanu [fane] of Funkimia

1. J Dilla | Airworks
First of all, J Dilla is my favorite producer of all time and the biggest inspiration for my insignificant work. The Donuts album really changed my beatmaking perspective, Airworks being my favorite track on the album, because of the Soulfulness and the way that Dilla sliced and flipped the sample in a really unique way.

2. Nas | One Time 4 Your Mind

For me, Nas’s Illmatic is the most significant album ever made in Hip-Hop. The tracks, the production, the lyrics, in my opinion, are flawless. One Time 4 Your Mind isn’t even my favorite track on the album, but there was so many Winter days that caught me going to school, at 07:00 am, listening to this song, and rapping out loud on the empty streets. But kick them for them gangstas man, fuck all that!

3. Seba & Paradox | Last Goodbye (feat. Robert Manos)
This song is one of my first Drum And Bass/Liquid Funk tracks I ever listened. A friend of a friend was broadcasting on Internet for a private group, and I got invited, and I heard this track. I was like in 7th grade then, but even now, after 5 years, I keep feeling that this song is filling a void whenever I need.

4. Black Star | Respiration (feat. Common)
This one is my favorite Hip-Hop track of all time. Mos Def, Talib Kweli and Common are a deadly combination. I don't have much to say about it, but when they say I can feel the city breathing, I really have that urban feeling, in a way I can really feel the city.

5. Funkadelic | Maggot Brain

I was in 7th grade when I realized how Music divides in Good and Bad Music, and one of the tracks that made possible this difference was this one. It was my first deep Musical Experience and the first song that gave me Musical Perspective and the first song that opened me an intellectual door.

6. Burial | Archangel
Burial is one of the most elevated producers that I ever listened, but Archangel, for me, has more than technical meaning. There was a time in my life, when I felt really lonely and this song or maybe the whole album Untrue kept me warm.

7. Nirvana | Come As You Are
For me, this song is a sad one, but somehow, I found myself being on its optimistic side. Come As You Are was playing in the background in a moment that changed my life in very positive way.

8. Frank Ocean | Novacane
I wasn’t a fan of R&B genre, but starting with The Weeknd, Frank Ocean, and this new wave of R&B that is more evolved and more complex, I became a huge fan of the genre. I was listening Novacane, after my prom night, driving back home, at 04:00 am with my girlfriend. All the elements starting with light and ending with Music was in perfect symbiosis, and closed the night in a really special way.

9. The Velvet Underground | Heroin
Heroin is obviously my favorite Velvet Underground song. I never did heroin and I don’t know how heroin feels, but I am sure that I know how heroin sounds and blindly I think that there’s no way the heroin can be otherwise than how it is described in this song and I’m not talking just about the lyrics, the whole song is a masterpiece.

10. Jamie Woon | Night Air (Ramadanman Refix)
When I got back together with my girlfriend, we were in my car, making out, and then was one of the most significant moments in my life. The song was playing in background and my girlfriend loved it too, and she joked that I’m trying to get in her pants with this song. I can’t listen to Night Air and not thinking about her.