WARMER MIXTAPES #593 | by Olivier Grasset [D-R-U-N-K] of XLover, MOTOR and SMASH THE BOX

1. Sid Vicious | My Way (Claude François' And Jacques Revaux's "Comme D'Habitude" Cover)
1984, Paris Northwest suburb, France, the first EP I bought was "The Great Rock'N' Roll Swindle by the Sex Pistols after seeing the movie at some punk's flat deserting school classes, drinking beer and sniffing glue. My favourite track was My Way by Sid Vicious. Punk, Post-Punk... Music was my drug until I moved to London.

2. Mad Professor | D.J. Choice
1989, Brixton, London, UK, I lived in a squat in a council estate full of Jamaicans blaring their tunes 24/7, Dub, Reggae, SkaLee Scratch Perry, Prince Buster, etc.... Mad Professor's track D.J. Choice from his album Escape To The Asylum Of Dub brings me back right there.

3. Sonic Youth | Tunic (Song For Karen)
1991, Camden Town, Indie and Grunge Music everywhere, for me it was Sonic Youth's album Goo with the track Tunic (Song For Karen).

4. Pixies | La La Love You
...And Pixies enormous album Doolittle, as I love every of its tracks equally, for a bit of fresh air I will select La La Love You.

5. Ministry | Flashback

1993, Kentish Town West, 4 years in London and I've gained a collection of tapes that has Punk, New Wave, Indie, Grunge, Dub, Techno and EBM. I got my first record deal with EMI as a drummer in a Metal Grunge band, I saw Los Angeles on fire with the riots, after splitting with my girlfriend, Ministry had a big impact on me... Flashback from the album Land Of Rape And Honey.

6. Butthole Surfers | Clean It Up
But for something more trippy, because LSD was my favourite drug, Butthole Surfers was always the first choice, my house was always filled with friends who just wanted to get high. Here's Clean It Up from the album Independent Worm Saloon.

7. Mr. Oizo | Inside The Kidney Machine
1999, West Hampstead, Cool Britannia - I got so sick of the Brit-Pop scene, at the right time and the right place Mr. Oizo saved my daywith his Analog Worms Attack album, I just couldn't stop listening to it for 2 years and it still sounds fresh today. Inside The Kidney Machine.

8. DJ Hell | Suicide Commando
2006, Hoxton/Kentish Town West, Electroclash a come and gone, with DJ Hell, Tiga, Miss Kittin and The Hacker, Vitalic and many others, so much good Music...

9. Motor | Sweatbox (Chris Liebing Remix)
My neighbour Chris Cunningham and his wicked video Come To Daddy by Aphex Twin, clubs filled with MDMA, Suicide Commando by DJ Hell, Motor's Sweatbox remixed by Chris Liebing.

10. D-R-U-N-K | SEXVOX
Here's my track now, new release from Police Records SEXVOX by D-R-U-N-K and as a Frenchman, this is a great quote from Shoutformusic: The title pretty much says it all. In a 2012 answer to Gainsbourg and Birkin’s J’ai T’aime comes a pumping and grinding (in more ways than one) track full of gasps and other bedroom noises. Ooh, Matron, etc. Free download here.