WARMER MIXTAPES #601 | by Tudor Năstase [Tudor Neve/Aurora 4/Maqio]

1. Franklin De Costa | She Is The One
I've seen this guy's name on the Internet some time ago but I actually listened to his music just recently and discovered that he's got quite a nice discography. This song has got such a great melodic hook. It just takes me away to a big seashore city, at night, among strangers at a party on the docks, with a nice breeze blowing on my cheeks watching the beautiful city lights on the opposing shore. I don't know why but it doesn't speak to me about that special someone but more about that special place and time.

2. Pawel | Baked Beans Please 2
I've been a fan of Dial Records from Hamburg, since the beginning of my EDM listening days. They have a sort of Sophistication and Sensitivity to their sound that you can't really find anywhere. This track from the 2004 EP Grab It is a testament of their more Emotional side. A pure sounding song and a teary eyed experience.

3. The Future Sound Of London | Her Face Forms In Summertime
A track I loved at first audition many, many years ago and the feeling hasn't changed since then. The mellow and Psychedelic guitar and the overall flow of this track is just amazing. The title reinforces perfectly the concept of this track.

4. Aphex Twin | Xtal
I used to listen to this track when I was younger and I liked it. But that was about all. More recently it started to really grow on me and it was partly because of a great video put together by a fan on YouTube that contrasts this tune with images of Human Destruction. The fact that this is not just an Innocent sounding melody but a Techno one makes it be the exact opposite and respectively match those images from the Modern Era. Again a teary eyed experience for me.

5. William Orbit | Water From A Vine Leaf
I just love William Orbit. Just listen to his albums and realise that IMO Maddona's best work (Ray Of Light) was made by him and you'll see why I think so highly of him. This track is from his third Strange Cargo album and it features the vocals of artist/former girlfiend Beth Orton. Everything just flows and blends here from the keys to the vocals. Everytime I listen to it, it's pure Bliss!

6. The Future Sound Of London | Max
A track I recently added to my favorites from FSOL's Dead Cities album. I think the name Max reffers to Contemporary Music composer Max Richter, whose piano solo I suppose they used in this track. Nobody but these guys can take such an excerpt of Contemporary Music and turn into a masterpiece of Contemporary Electronic Music with a such a strong Psychedelic feel to it. I'm left in awe. And to think that my ignorant self just discovered Max Richter about an year ago.

7. The Future Sound Of London | Glass
It seems FSOL is all I think about in these August days when I seem to be drifting away from all the music that I used to like only 2 weeks ago. This is another track that I loved instantly when I first heard Dead Cities and it still ranks among my absolute favorites. And I've listened to it a few days ago in visual context watching for the first time their Audio-Visual project Teaching From The Electronic Brain that features 3D graphics and footage combined with tracks for an amazing experience. The theme of the song along the weird synth drop that reccurs from time to time is out of this world and totally prophetic.

8. Francesco Tristano | Idiosynkrasia
I like Francesco Tristano. In this track he sits on the border between this self-taught generation of musicians that has been on the rise since the beginnings of the Electronic revolution and the formally trained ones by combining the Classical with the Electronic while keeping up the Jazziness of it all. And I've heard too late that he played at last year's Enescu festival.

9. Der Zyklus | Formenverwandler
A Classical tune from the turn of the millenia. This song just takes me away to those time and makes me think of the roots of Techno Music. Knew the melody since ever but only recently became aware of it in Richie Hawtin's DE9 | Closer To The Edit.

10. The Human League | The Things That Dreams Are Made Of

I discovered this today in a mix received from a friend. I knew Richard X & Kelis' cover since ever and was actually in love with the synth riffs rather than the actual vocals and now I finally got hold of the raw material.