WARMER MIXTAPES #602 | by Dan Boldea [Danny D]

1. Rihanna | Unfaithful

This song is amazing! I love Rihanna's voice... It's a special one that always makes me feel in Heaven. I really like the lyrics because they are so touching. This is the only song that made me cry.

2. Shontelle | Impossible
The song Impossible is a very special song. I have many memories with this song and the lyrics are special, very special and have some significance for me.

3. Leona Lewis | Bleeding Love
This song reminds me of my first love and I love it! I remember the best moments of my childhood when I listen this song.

4. Kelly Clarkson | Because Of You
WOW, WOW, WOW! This song always reminds me of hard times in my life and when I listen the voice of Kelly calms me down. Kelly has an amazing voice and I love her.

5. Adam Lambert | Whataya Want From Me
I love Adam's voice, it's so fucking perfect and I love this song too, because it raises your morale.

6. Rihanna | Man Down
Rihanna is very sexy and beautiful in this video. The song always makes me wanna have fun. Rihanna is gorgeous! And Shontelle did a good job when he wrote the song.

7. Shakira | La Tortura (feat. Alejandro Sanz)

Whoa, when I listen to this song I feel like I wanna dance and I wanna go crazy... Reminds me of the period when I was a difficult person and I was not a sociable person, hehe.

8. Eminem | Mockingbird
This song for me is a sad sad story. I love the lyrics and how Eminem interpret the song, it's just amazing.

9. David Guetta | Turn Me On (feat. Nicki Minaj)
When I listen this song I feel so dirty, I do not know why but I like the feeling. On this song I make Love every time, because it makes me feel higher.

10. Jessie J | Domino
Uh, uh! I like this song, it's a special song because Jessie J's voice makes the song so special coz' Jessie has a powerful voice and I like her personality.