WARMER MIXTAPES #606 | by Cătălin Dinu [VODKA]

I listen to Rap Music since I was a little child. I grew up with this style listening to Ombladon, B.U.G. Mafia or La Familia in the glory of their times. Now I'm listening a lot of Romanian Rap and I can say it has reached the highest level since it appeared in my country.

1. Flou Rege VS DJ AL*BU | Eu Şi Muzica
One of my favorite songs. Produced by DJ AL*BU. Because I find myself in it by the passion and love that I have for Music.

2. Haarp Cord | Călătoria
Another song that I adore. It reminds me of the good old days when I was walking at the night with my friends in the hood.

3. Nimeni Altu' | Propria Cale
It's a song that keeps me motivated to fight for what I want, no matter how difficult it would be and never to give up. I have to do everything possible to get what I want.

4. Professor Green | Jungle (feat. Maverick Sabre)

Perfectly illustrates the life of neighborhoods whether it's Hackney, Bucharest or Los Angeles.

5. The Game | Put You On The Game
And also One Blood... Are two songs that I listen incessantly for a few years. It gives me a panorama of the cities from America and how's the life there.

6. The Game | It's Okay (One Blood) (feat. Junior Reid)
By the way, Game is my favorite artist from abroad.

7. A$AP Rocky | Peso

Attracts me with the powerful message and the amazing beat with hook of the song. SWAG!

8. Samurai & Junk | Viitorul E Acum
It's a song that I sing continuously in my head. It gives me a feeling of Curiosity and also of Fear because I'm wondering how my future would look like, how many of the people that I care about will be next to me or how I'll live then.

9. El Nino | Am Auzit
It's a deep song that makes me think of many thoughts. It also saddens me specialy when the composer says that he cried for the most beautiful girl in the World. Everybody went through it. I'm not an exception.

10. Alan & Kepa, Doc, Stress, Cerbu', Deliric | Sar Căţele
It's a song that leaves you speechless. ROMANIAN SWAG! You should listen it! PEACE!