WARMER MIXTAPES #605 | by Charlotta Perers [Big Fox]

1. Feist | So Sorry
The voice, the arrangements. Her music is almost divine. So Minimalistic and still filled with this raw energy. So Sorry was the first of her songs that I listened to. I remember that I woke up, walked out into the kitchen and her sad voice just filled the room.

2. Nick Drake | Pink Moon
When I first really started listening to Music I was already past 20. Until then I hadn't experienced how Music could go straight into my soul. Nick Drake was one of the first artists that I discovered and it still makes me feel like I'm standing watching a silent garden at night.

3. Patti Smith | Dancing Barefoot
After reading Just Kids I've listened a lot to Patti Smith. Everything she does vibrates with Energy. The Poetry, her voice. Makes me remember and feel the larger dimensions of Life.

4. PJ Harvey | The Words That Maketh Murder
I got totally obsessed with Let England Shake and listened to it over and over again. It was actually the first time that I really listened to PJ Harvey but I soon fell in Love with the rest of her albums too. She's never predictable, always this Skewness in the arrangements combined with strong and naked lyrics.

5. Frida Hyvönen | Birds
When I started writing songs I listened a lot to Frida Hyvönen. I used to work close to a graveyard and I took a walk there at lunch time every day listening to her. Shortly afterwords I saw her live in Malmö and I got this strange feeling that things are possible. I love the combination of her beautiful crying voice and still the sense of humour in the Music.

6. Cat Power | The Greatest
Just love it.

7. Jenny Wilson | Pass Me The Salt

Her music has been a great inspiration. Brilliant to make this kind of record on Motherhood.

8. Francis Bebey | New Track
I was over at a friend's house when she played me this record. It was this one-year-old there too and he really loved it sit-dancing with his head to the Music.

9. Nina Simone | Little Girl Blue
Some songs just make you stop doing whatever you're doing. This song was on a mixed-tape CD that I got from a friend and each time this song came I just had to sit down. I don't know how she does it but her voice and that soft piano just goes straight in.

10. Samantha Fox | Touch Me (I Want Your Body)

This is the very song that actually gave me the name Big Fox. We made a quite melancholic version of this song on guitar and steel guitar in another Music project. The whole idea was to take the worst (or the best, however you put it) songs from the 80's and dress them in Alt Country costumes. This was the hardest one but also the one that became our favourite.