WARMER MIXTAPES #622 | by Jeremy Dawson of Cloud2Ground, R.R.D.S., Slyder, Spyder, Hybridigital, Mirror Machines and Shiny Toy Guns

1. Tycho | Daydream
This is the 5:00am audio to the coming Autumn in western Pennsylvania. Watching the fire red and orange fall from the brilliant pine trees of the American northeast must have accompaniment as such.

2. Hans Zimmer | Dream Within A Dream
Who are the demons? What language are they speaking and why can only I understand what they are screaming? Wait -- it must be all in my head like Santa Claus; and the thought that you can actually trust other human beings. Or maybe its a dream within a dream…

3. Purity Ring | Fineshrine
Completely delirious. But so happy for no reason? Falling in Love with an imaginary person is really easy when this song is turned up way beyond the means of the speakers around my face.

4. Shiny Toy Guns | Take Me Back To Where I Was
Though this song has been secretly in our fold for many years, it still molds with an early morning fog like a gun salute to a military funeral. When you make a mistake; you still can turn back, and make it right.

5. Enigma | Modern Crusaders
Lights moving in perfect patterns, the road stripes fall beneath the bus in an orderly fashion. This song calls for a 90's -esq leather jacket, light sunglasses in the dark, and a very, very serious look on your face as you move down the highway.

6. Of Monsters And Men | Love Love Love
Her voice alone brings a thousand angels of comfort to any troubled or lonely heart. It is one of the most beautiful voices I've heard in ages. Her pain rifles through the air... She knows she doesn't love him back, though he loves, loves loves…

7. Arcade Fire | We Used To Wait
Though this record is quite well used and has been gently sat down because of over-listening; this song in particular stuck it out and refuses to run away and tire. When Dawn begins to argue with the Dark, this song is a nice handle to hang on to.

8. Radiohead | Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
Driving through the farm and oil country of Texas and Oklahoma… Watching the simple and clueless lives of those who live to die, who never knew the feeling to fly. Watching from glass las if either those I'm watching or myself are imprisoned behind the cold surface. In the background, Radiohead speaks.

9. The Big Pink | Hit The Ground (Superman)
I'm tired. I'm falling asleep at the wheel. But I don't wanna hit the ground.

10. M83 | You Appearing
This is the silence of Peace when the radiation pierces through; hundreds of miles away... Where the curvature of the Earth disappears from the windshield vision. It's the rising Sun. It's you, appearing.