WARMER MIXTAPES #623 | by Andrei ┼×tefan Ropcea [Randi/Planeta Loco] of Morandi

1. Queen | Bohemian Rapsody
Without a doubt, Queen is the best band of all time.

2. Sting | Fragile
Lyrics can impress even the most insensitive people and so simple melody of the song is absolutely remarkable.

3. Michael Jackson | Earth Song
King of Pop, the most successful entertainer of all time.

4. Guns N' Roses | Sweet Child O' Mine
Axwel's voice and song condition are amazing.

5. U2 | One
A song that will remain forever with us.

6. Jamie Woon | Night Air
His voice is something that comes from another world.

7. Louis Armstrong | What A Wonderful World
Unmatched, unmistakable.

8. Pink | Try
This artist has evolved greatly and this song is really a proof that she deserves to be a world-class artist.

9. Muse | Unintended
Right now, probably my favorite band.

10. Prince | The Most Beautiful Girl In The World
A great producer and a great artist.