WARMER MIXTAPES #625 | by Jenna Andrews

1. Brandy | Wildest Dreams
I grew up listening to Brandy and being inspired by her tone and the way she emotes. I loved this song when it came out a couple months ago because it reminded me of why I started doing Music, because I loved the 90's.

2. Michael Kiwanuka | Bones
I loved this song because it reminds me of other artists I love like Otis Redding and Sam Cooke. It just outs me in a good mood no matter how I am feeling and what my day has been like.

3. Amy Winehouse | Love Is A Losing Game
When this song came out it inspired me to believe that real Music can still be commercial now. She is definitely my favorite artist of the last 10 years. She is a legend.

4. Donny Hathaway | I Believe In Music
Donny Hathaway also made me want to be a musician. His dedication to his craft is amazing and his conviction when he sings is like no other singer I have ever heard. When I listen to him I am always right there with him, he brings me into the moment with him.

5. Emeli Sandé | Clown
Emeli Sandé is another one that can emote a song every time. I believe every word she says.

6. Aaliyah | Hot Like Fire
This is a song I have covered so many times, and it has become so close to me. I love the way Aaliyah has such gentle vocals and I have used that to inspire my music and the way I deliver a song as well.

7. Frank Ocean | Pyramids
This song makes me excited every time I hear it. The first half of the song is a great driving song and the second half makes me wanna go to a strip club everytime. Haha!

8. Billie Holiday | Good Morning Heartach
The pain in her voice is like none other, without even knowing her story you feel all her pain. I can listen to Billie Holiday everyday and just start crying.

9. Allen Stone | Unaware
SO RIDICULOUSLY SOULFUL. That's all I have to say...

10. Nas | Cherry Wine (feat. Amy Winehouse)
This was my song of the summer, I would play it everyday walking through the streets of New York, it's one of those thinking songs.