WARMER MIXTAPES #626 | by Dan Bodan [Noot]

1. Benzel & Jesse Ware | If You Love Me
Yes, yes, I do love you. Uuughh, I do.

2. Skanky | Blind Spot
London boys make clean noise.

3. Ana Caprix | Can't Eat Can't Sleep I'm Sick
Someone posted Ana Caprix's Taylor Swift remix on Facebook and everyone liked it. But I liked this one better.

4. Distal | Nose Handy
When I put this one on, girls like to sit on the subwoofer.

5. C ¥ B E R GIGA | Frooty
:0 :)

6. Ike And Tina Turner | River Deep - Mountain High
I got back into this recently cuz I was watching the biopic... What's Love Got To Do With It  in Helsinki. I always imagine a really cathartic moment a the end of some film, like some kid walking into a nuclear weapons production board meeting and suicide bombing it while listening to this on an iPod. U know, something really sublime but equally problematic. Like Dark Knight Rises, something fascist like that.

7. DJ___Richard | Wung Chang
I don't think this has ever been officially released but it was in the film WET LOOKS. Same reason I'm listening to the Tina Turner track. Listening to a lot of Film Soundtrack Music I guess.

8. Robert Miles | Children (Dream Version)
This was my favourite track when I was a kid. I had to wait waaaay too long for the bus in my hometown so I'd listen this on repeat and kinda dance to myself. I had 40inch leg phatpants and my mIRC handle was PuppyDUDE__...

9. INOJ | Love You Down (Ready For The World Cover) (E+E Remix)
Kinda everything Elijah does is amazing, but I always kinda come back to this track. I donna why, just really like it.

10. Everything But The Girl | Walking Wounded
My friend and I were talking about music that is really obnoxious at a cocktail bar or cafe but the richest listening experience on headphones. Basically…