WARMER MIXTAPES #628 | by Britt Thomas Brady [Gloom/Gloom Prophet] of Loam and Circa Vitae

1. Lapalux | Hours
This song hook me right away. The mood in this song is heavy, it pulls me into a situation that feels like making Love with the love of your life for the first time. The drums swing and just ride out the whole time with very Minimal variation because there's isn't much need. No need to go anywhere else, just stay right here where it's warm.

2. Sufjan Stevens | Concerning The UFO Sighting Near Highland, Illinois
Over 5 years ago I left in my car from my home in Illinois to move to the West Coast. A few days before I left a friend had given me Come On Feel The Illinoise. I had left it on the table in Illinois with out listening to it. Shortly after moving to Oregon a few friends and I went camping. They started playing this song and I was impressed by its beautiful elegance. The album quickly became one of my all time favorites and all the content of my home state reminds me of growing up.

3. My Bloody Valentine | Only Shallow
The song just explodes with intense yet beautiful sound. At the time I first heard this I was maybe 15. It influenced me greatly how they manipulate guitar with effects. Also focusing on Texture as the most important element of the Music. I've always loved how the lyrics are unrecognizable yet emotionally Impaction.

4. Shigeto | Soaring
Incredible song, the placement of frequency is mind blowing high crunchy twinkly metallic sprinkles with a big stepped beat worthy of Hip Hop songs yet smooth soft and Jazzy melody over lay it. Makes me feel like I'm floating.

5. Ametsub | Rufouslow
Amazing tumbling Lushness. The use of samples is really great, the drums seem to morph around your brain constantly but retain a warm organic texture. Another one of those songs that rides out one idea with no big key change.

6. Teebs | Red Curbs Loop (Stuff I Dream About)
The guitar loop in the song is full of Sorrow and tumbles with the drum beat in a romantic way. The calming white noise soothes me instantly. I always repeat this song over and over.

7. The National | Baby, We'll Be Fine
I love how the instrumentation bounces of each other. The drums are Loud and Energetic yet the melodies on top of it are Heavy and Sad. The vocals I'm so sorry for everything fit into the tone of the singer's voice and feels so personal.

8. Burial | Stolen Dog
Perfect Minimal hi-hat that I never want to stop, warm shades of grey, it is truly great. The song pulls you in and all you can do is listen and be.

9. Worrytrain | For Auschwitz 
Dramatic and Beautiful. Worrytrain, a dear friend to me who has been inspiring me for a long time. A truly breath taking piece from a great Modern composer.

10. Miles Davis | Blue In Green (with Bill Evans)
Reminds me of a rainy day and the feeling of not having to leave your home for anything. Hot coffee in hand, not a care in the World.