WARMER MIXTAPES #627 | by Brett Ewels [EWE/Louis La Roche]

1. Michael Jackson | Human Nature
My all time favourite MJ track. It was actually a Toto demo that Quincy Jones loved so much he asked to use it for Thriller. The melodies and harmonies in this track are absolutely crazy. I could put this song on repeat and never get tired of it. It's beautiful.

2. Lemon Jelly | The Curse Of Ka'Zar
The longest track from the Lost Horizons album. It's sampling at its best. Layer after layer get added each minute. Definitely one of those songs you should never skip into. It's epic and it's Funky, it's a grower but once it's got you... Well, I'm hooked.

3. Aphex Twin | Vordhosbn
I owe it to my brother for getting me into Aphex at such a young age. The programming in this song (and the whole Drukqs album for that matter) is insane. It's still light years ahead of anything else being produced now days. The melodies and chords he comes up with are even beyond Jazz.

4. Brian Eno + David Byrne | Regiment
Released in '81, this song is ground breaking in my opinion. It's one of the first albums ever to sample other people's music. It's Funky, Experimental, it samples a lot of Arabic and Gospel recordings and the production and percussion sounds are gorgeous.

5. The Streets | Weak Become Heroes
That same piano loops over and over and over. Mike Skinner's song writing is pure genius. The way he can make a whole verse sound like a conversation. It's the album of my youth, the story and experiences. The fact he did the whole album in his bedroom and then went on to have number 1 tracks and win awards for it is really inspiring.

6. Mylo | Peach Melba
I always think this track is what gave me my sampling style. I was so inspired by this track, I named my first bootleg EP The Peach EP. It's just such a strange pattern of samples but it really works.

7. Four Tet | Unspoken
The ultimate Chill Out song. It's almost like a DJ Shadow track. The first half has a piano loop which is so emotional and you think it can't get any better. Then half way through the track a reversed guitar line comes in and trumpets. It's so up lifting.

8. The Chemical Brothers | Come With Us
People always talk about Daft Punk being so ground breaking in Electronic Music. What about The Chem Bros? This opening track is incredible. It just makes you want to turn it up! The track feels like it's rising all the time, like one big build up.

9. Captain Beefheart And The Magic Band | Observatory Crest
This is a song that I always come back to. It escapes to the back of my mind and I forget about it. Every instrument of this song is playing really thought out, complicated melodies. The spacing of the lyrics is what really makes it special too.

10. Daft Punk | Voyager
I think this bass line pretty much created a generation of producers. Without that bass line you could get rid of most of the top House tracks of the next 5 years. It was that powerful. To this day you can still hear tracks trying to imitate it.

+11. Neu! | Isi
I had to add one more, 10 just isn't enough for me. Neu! were pretty much the rest of the original Kraftwerk lineup that didn't end up being in the Kraftwerk band we know and love today. This Krautrock masterpiece is an instant foot tapper. It's got a drone to it that sounds almost machine like over time. It's almost like something Joy Division would do but 10 years before them.