WARMER MIXTAPES #630 | by Rayiv Munch [Munchi]

1. Nosaj Thing | IOIO
And Fog too... Fuck, I listened to this track a shitload of times before. When I got back from Hawaii I checked my computer, because I bought the cheapest mp3 player which I could find and needed tracks for it. This track immediately caught my eye and since putting it in the mp3 player I can't stop listening to it. That is the genius of Nosaj Thing's tracks. You can rediscover his tracks over and over again. A quality that is hard to find nowadays. I remember when I first heard a Nosaj Thing track I searched the entire fucking WEB for his tracks. Once having a shitload of them, that shit was on repeat forever. Reminder of being drunk as fuck going to or leaving a party in nighttime walking in the citylights of Rotterdam. Fuck, I love these tracks.

2. Numek | Reactor Core
Dude. No, for real. What the fuck is this shit?! I lost my mind when I first heared this track on one of my favorite YouTube channels. I can't live without this track ever since. For real, I pressed the replay button a minimum of 25 times when I first heard this track. Then I found this thing called YouTube Replay and went off on there, haha. I don't even know how much I listened to this shit that day. So fucking Agressive and the vocal sample of that woman reminds me of that game I used to play when younger: Dead Ball Zone on the PSX. That was my shit, haha. This shit made me get that game out of the dust and play it for a while, lol. Nah, but for real, man, did you hear this fucking track?! Hardcore/Drum&Bass in a perfect mix, how I would picture it then. Damn, I yet have to hear this track in the club, when so I will freak out so hard that I can't be blamed for the consequences. This was also a track that was on my previous mp3 player from last year, but damn. Matter of fact, while writing I again listened to this shit for a shitload of times. Thank you for that.

3. Crystal Castles | Magic Spells
This track is so simple yet complex in a whole other way. So plain, no bullshittin' and straight to the point. That's what I like to hear in a track. Everytime I play this track it'll be a good day and for some reason it reminds me of when I was a kid on the playground, haha. Yeah, those days were fun as fuck!

4. Africa HiTech | Out In The Streets
I heard this shit for the first time back in LA. Dave Nada, me and Dillon Francis did a set together and it was really fun! Then Toddla T came up and played this track. Dude, I freaked out. I couldn't shut up to Dillon about this track, haha, this shit was heavy as fuck! But it wasn't until months later that I finally got my hands on it when Diplo sent it to me. Everytime I have my mp3 player on and this track comes up, it just catches me off guard, lol. I'll be throwin' bows in the subway and shit yelling out in the streeetts, haha.

5. Kamui | Gaga Culture
Back in 2010, I think it was early 2010, I saw this track on a Dutch blog. I downloaded the track, but I kinda forgot about it. My first reaction when I heard it on the blog was that it was interesting because it sounded like House to me but with the Agressiveness of Hardcore. Like a best of both worlds type of thing. The second reaction that I had on this track in 2011 was WTF, haha. The beat is Housy but still Raw and Agressive, but don't get it twisted. There is more. All of a sudden at 4:00 it hits you. The real showoff part. Just when you thought it couldn't get harder, it slapped you in the face and just did. Take that, mothafucka!!
6. DJ Spinn | Kush Pack Loud
DAMN, THAT KUSH PACK LOUD, DAMN THAT KUSH PACK LOUD!!! Yes, when I hear this shit I scream it out loud as fuck. This is my shit though and it reminds me of the visit to Chicago earlier last year. It inspired me to do the Rotterdam Juke EP.

7. Juicy J | Who The Neighbors
This shit was the final track that made me really go and make Trap shit after hearing all of Lex Luger's shit. Fuck, I love this track. The lyrics are so random and he must have been high as fuck. He said Kobe Bryant from the Lakers, now that's paper 3 times in the chorus, haha. And if you hear the adlibs in this track, man... Dude, it's just genius, man, haha. Not even talking about the lyrics. Matter of fact, you know some couples have a Bitch Love song as their song, well, you can say that this is me and my girl song. Nah, for real, this shit must be in my top 3 for June/July 2011, haha.

8. Bombaman | Some Swell View
Seeing this on a video of the Gaslamp Killer on a set that he did. Wow, this shit ain't playing, man. I wanna fuck some people up in the moshpit. Without a doubt one of my favorites.

9. DJ Rashad | Ghost
Dave Quam sent me this months ago and I was like WTF already back then. Then after my visit in Chicago and getting back to Holland, well, this is without a doubt my favorite Juke track. It's so fucking smooth, while still havin' that Rawness of Juke. I can listen to this all day.

10. Loefah | Mud
Plus System and Truly Dread... I never leave my house without some Loefah. Where is he? He needs to come back!