WARMER MIXTAPES #631 | by Esben Nørskov Andersen of Rangleklods

10 of favorite songs right now. All sorts of different artists who share the fact that they've followed a musical vision right to end. No compromises. That's the kind of Music I like. Keep calm and fuck radio.

1. Kate Bush | Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God)
I recently rediscovered this Pop gem. I'm totally into watching Music documentaries on YouTube these days. I saw one about her. She's a one off. Mysterious, brilliant and beautiful. And her dance moves. Wow, that's a whole other story. Her lyrics are insanely good as well. Weird, full of meaning, very little everyday chit chat. Running Up That Hill is no exeption. The track itself is brilliant. Actually I only listen to the lyric if I truly love a song. And in some cases not even then. She made me listen to it by the way she performs it.

2. Simian Mobile Disco | Your Love Ain't Fair
Man. When I first heard this track it reminded me of how much I loved beautiful and moody House Music in the late 90's. SMD has revived that sound for me. In part because they've both up- and downgraded it. There's a perfect Analog, Noisy and Warm feeling to their productions. It's not Hi-Fi and you don't want it to be. There's a Physicality to it. I think they are highly underrated. Delicacies is a tremendous Techno album too. Fucked up in many ways. The sample in Your Love Ain't Fair is such a hook. I'm chanting it in my head all day long right now. And it makes me happy. Oh, and their synthesizer aesthetics is faboulous and unique.

3.  Nguzunguzu | Water Bass Power
I played with these guys (well a guy and girl) in Bergen, Norway like four months ago. I knew a couple of their tracks, but didn't remember their name (which is pretty difficult to be fair). A week later I realized they were the ones who's DJ set I'd been dancing to like a maniac. I gave their tracks another listen and they are great. Dance Music between 65 and 80 BPM's. With a huge amount of bass! This track is my favourite one of theirs. I think their best work is still to come.

4. CTM | Jewel
A new Danish act. Or really it's just a new moniker for Cæcilie Trier who's also a part of Choir Of Young Believers and Chimes & Bells. A favourite within the Danish Indie scene. And it's earned. Her brand new EP Variations is great. Very Kate Bush inspired I'd say. So maybe that's why I like it right now. But her voice is Deep and Tempered contrary to Kate's bright voice. The compositions are Complex and Melodic. And the productions are Spotless. They are delivered by Aske Zidore who was a part of Oh No Ono (check their album Eggs!) who unfortunately stopped last year. He's the most talented man in Denmark in my opinion.

5. Oh No Ono | Helplessly Young
I didn't plan on making this track a part of the mixtape, but writing about CTM made it obvious I had to. Brilliant production, weird vocals, everchanging composition. My all time favourite Danish album. I remember listening a lot to this while living in Berlin. Especially the last months where I lived in my tiny, dark studio in Neukölln. Tough times. But they brought out some good Rangleklods tunes, so worth it. I don't think Rangleklods is particularly related to Oh No Ono musically, but I totally believe in the way they approached Music Making. Not being afraid of relating to the entirety of Music History and use it purposely and through that find ones own sound. That's what I try to do as well.

6. TNGHT | Higher Ground
This is in many ways a stupid song. I don't mean that in a bad way though. It was just made with one purpose: Having a good, stupid time. I love putting this on during a DJ set. It works! People have a good time when they hear this. Production is sharp but not overdone. The brass section is violent and cool. Hudson Mohawke is one of the great inventors of new sounds and styles these days.

7. John Talabot  | So Will Be Now... (feat. Pional)
A sweet chilled down Classic House track with enough mood to overcome you no matter where you are or how you're feeling. Great use of tuned-down vocals. Relaxed kick and snare. It's a Non-Intruding yet Powerful track. A good song to listen to for all the producers out there who think they need to maximize everything and have all kicks and snares constantly clicking and punching.

8. Egyptrixx | Liberation Front
This is an interesting record for me. Sometimes I love it and sometimes it annoys me. I can't tell why. Bottomline is there's something going on in this track. A twisted 2012 take on 80's Synth extravaganza. I have to play this in a DJ set soon and see how it works on a crowd. If my own feelings about it is any way to judge the outcome then half of the crowd will love it and the other half hate it.

9. Death Grips | System Blower
The force is great in this one! It could be the most violent track I know. At least the most violent track that is still worth listening to. I read in an interview with them that the screams in the song was grabbed from a YouTube video of a Serena Williams tennis match. That's so 2012 I can't even grasp it. I know for a fact that I won't be using soundbytes from YouTube anytime soon though. I'm not a fan of using bad digital quality samples. Actually I'm not a fan of using samples at all. In my own tracks that is, I don't mind when other people are doing so. Unless it's like entire Symphonic arrangements. In that case: C'mon... You're not fooling anybody. Anyways, Death Grips sure know how to sample.

10. XXYYXX | About You
This song is simple as hell. But that's a big part of the beauty about it. It's Calm, Melodic, well produced and then there's the aural fireworks in the end. The guy who did this is 16. 16! When I was 16 I was terrible at everything. It's always interesting to follow those who has big succes at an early age. Very few of them seem to be able to hang on to it. I hope this guy does though.