WARMER MIXTAPES #632 | by Joshua Wills [Josh Wills/J618UA] of The Spirit Twin and J360

1. Madonna | Music
This record and song made me look at Madonna in a different way. She could not be messed with as an innovator and force in Electronic Dance Music.

2. Aphex Twin | Come To Daddy
Anything Chill Out after 2000+ has debt to pay.

3. BT | Dreaming
Deeper. This track brought me intoned with whatever I was thinking at the time in regards to Art and Human Expression. I began listening to a lot of music from the Ministry Of Sound at this point and learned about EDM’s European following.

4. Libra Presents Taylor | Earoica
From here on out I had a curiosity for Film Score and Soundtrack Music with an Electronic edge.

5. Hybrid | Beachcoma
And this lead to my initial curiosity of the DJ/Club culture. This was the first time I had seen Electronic Dance Music in a club. I had no idea that this music was so popular.
6. Jan Johnston | Flesh
The progression of this track got me into the Progressive side of Electronic Dance Music.

7. Bedrock | Heaven Scent
I had my first strong drink and strong Dance listening to this track and album. In my bedroom at my grandma’s house.

8. Deep Dish Presents Prana The Dream (Sharam's Deep Dish Dreamscape)
Very smooth, this music has a sense of Finality for me. I felt I had begun to understand Dance Music at this point.

9. Deep Dish | Future Of The Future (Stay Gold) (with Everything But The Girl)
I began understanding genres at this point, especially House and Techno Music.

10. Sasha | Wavvy Gravy from Airdrawndagger
As my appreciation for Progressive Dance Music built, I understood the Music to be very Thoughtful yet in a club environment.