WARMER MIXTAPES #636 | by Oren Jay S. [Silver Medallion]

1. Elliphant | Down On Life
I remember the first time I went Cliff Diving. I was 16 and it was me and my boy and two girls and we we're in Hawaii somewhere off the highway on a hike. The water was pretty intimidatingly far below us but the girls laughed and took their tops off and jumped in and that was all the inspiration I really needed. Hit the water flat on my side and was black and blue for a week.

2. The Bloody Beetroots | Chronicles Of A Fallen Love (feat. Greta Svabo Bech)
I used to be an insomniac. I'd stay up all night in high school for a several month period and just build huge structures with logos until my eyes stung so bad and then I'd put records on turn my headphones up loud and close my eyes until they stopped hurting. My dad's brother was a part time hypnotist and he came to Hawaii, where I grew up, on a trip and he guided me through basic Self-Hypnosis. You relax every muscle in your body one by one and then put yourself in a scenario that makes you comfortable in a place you love. Works like a charm.

3. Joker | Old Era (Gemmy Remix)
You ever feel that one moment when you realized someone you desired was never gonna love you? That they were sitting there in their apartment, xolofted out, thinking about what Vanilla really tastes like and not you? And then you cut class and spent the week in a general foul mood and went on some dates with some other girls that you didn't really care for, and eventually wound up just being a horrible person for a few months?

4. Young Wonder | To You
I had my first real kiss in 7th grade, this girl in my gym class who was more popular than me and had matured faster than the boys, looked about 16, fully taller than I was, came over and sat down next to me one day in some sort of gym free play time and just went for it. She tasted like big red gum and Lust and the next year I moved far away.

5. Rell The Soundbender | Angels X Demons (feat. Clint Mansell)
On Valentine's Day senior year of high school this kid I had beef with came after me while I was walking my then girlfriend to her car after school. He had taken a hit of meth, taken off his shirt and threw a punch at me in the middle of the street while I was carrying like a large stuffed animal and some holiday bullshit. He threw about two punches, didn't really connect and like cars were stopping and it was a whole scene. It validates me on the rare occasion I think about him and his friends that I've made more money, been more places, fucked badder bitches, and just generally lived life to a higher standard than they ever will and one day when I'm 72 and we run into each other I'm going to light him on fire. Because when I'm an old grizzled bastard with faded tattoos I'm gonna be more of a goon then ever.

6. Mikky Ekko | Pull Me Down (Ryan Hemsworth Remix)
Some people never know Love, and I wonder if perhaps they're better off. I've loved so deeply it hurts, I've hurt so deeply I've wanted to die, I've watched a lover spiral into the abyss of the Human Condition and not reached out a hand to catch them. Guess you can't enjoy the highs unless you've felt the lows.

7. Urban Cone | We Should Go To France (VZLKS Remix)
I want to drive across a foreign country in a convertible with a girl I love, or some friends who don't give a fuck about anything, and take peyote and get drunk in countrysides and scream into the sky while we speed thru no-man's lands.
8. Sade | When Am I Going To Make A Living (Poolside's Tons Of Drums Edit)
I often wonder if I'm going to be the same kind of Relentless, Hard Headed, Animal Of Emotion I am now when I'm 40. Will I be having sex with the perfect woman for me every day in the mornings, going out dancing in the night time to Live Music in small bars, sipping Tequila from Tea cups, reading books with bifocals in the Twilight on the porch of a house I helped build with my own hands? Hope so.

9. M83 | Steve McQueen (SALM Remix)
There comes a moment in most Modern musician's lives when you realize you'll never be rich off this shit. It was never really my goal, but the truth of the matter sets in and you kind of have to live with it for a second. But then you do a show, a good show, where the people know the words to your songs and the sound's all right and you're okay with it all.

10. Ango | True Blue
And some nights you don't do anything but look out the window and wonder.