WARMER MIXTAPES #637 | by Tommy Mertens [Korma]

1. Talking Heads | This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)
This song reminds me of when I used to live in California, I moved when I was 7 and it affected my life in some very negative ways, but maybe they were inevitable. It reminds me of being Care Free and Young, the Past in general.

2. Ben Westbeech | Falling (Dark Sky Remix)
One of my favorite songs of 2011. I played it at a party once when I was with this girl, I was drunk and she wasn't. I just wanted to listen to the song and it got kind of awkward.

3. Mala | Alicia
I discovered this song during a good time in my life. It was Winter and Snowy. Me and my friends would just go from place to place smoking weed and enjoying ourselves.

4. Shackleton | Blood On My Hands
The lyrics in this song are absolutely Timeless and Ethereal, the Earthy beat goes into this huge Moody bassline and it's one of those rare songs that really take me away.

5. Rustie | Ultra Thizz
This song is very Happy and Hopeful. The Vibe is so party oriented it's crazy, I'm going to love playing this out in a packed club.

6. GZA | Swordsman
GZA's lyrics are always so deep and it's exactly like Poetry, a lot of people don't realize and appreciate Hip Hop like that. One of RZA's best beats in my opinion.

7. AVvVery | Poojaja
This was written by my friend when he first started writing Electronic Music. I feel like it represents that unique sound that a person makes when he first starts writing Music. The vibe is very spooky and sounds like some X-Files shit, it's rad.

8. Jackson C. Frank | I Want To Be Alone
Easily one of the saddest songs I've ever heard. This man had a very tough life and it shows in his songwriting.

9. Hackman | Close
On the surface this song is very Care Free and relaxing but when it drops the tone changes into this deep Emotional shift between wrenching vocals and a very slick bass.

10. Jacques Greene | The Look (Koreless Remix)
A very soft song, the minute vocal samples sprinkle across the light beats and the bass is just right. The samples used are very Heart Felt, that's what I like most about the song.