WARMER MIXTAPES #638 | by Steve Schiltz of Hurricane Bells and Longwave

Photo by Grant Lovelace.

1. Mogwai | Letters To The Metro
I love Mogwai. I think their new record is great, and I love that they are incredibly Loud at times, and then Quiet and Beautiful, like this, at other times.

2. East River Pipe | Backroom Deals
Ditto ERP. I listened over and over to Shining Hours In A Can, years ago. I bought this record and from the first few lines on this song I felt like I was having a reunion with a dear old friend.

3. Cocteau Twins | Heaven Or Las Vegas
What is she saying?? Who cares?? It's wonderful.

4. The Nerves | Hanging On The Telephone
Classic song. Listen to his voice. And there is so little to the recording, it's Lean and Mean.

5. Bob Dylan | Hard Times In New York Town
I am not sure if this is the correct title. This is one of the bootleg songs, and there are a couple versions. My favorite is the one from the last collection that came out, last year.

6. John Coltrane | Resolution
I pulled out A Love Supreme to show my girlfriend, who had never heard it?! Now I am back in it again. Incredible.

7. Nina Simone | I Put A Spell On You (Screamin' Jay Hawkins Cover)
Amazing voice. And listen to the menace in this... She put a spell on you!! Because you're hers!

8. The Strokes | Games
I'm all over with these songs. This is on their new record, but it sounds like it is the biggest hit song in Star Wars' Cloud City. Or at least somehow sent from the Future.

9. Radiohead | Separator
What a cool vibe. I love the echo on his voice. This is a bit like that Cocteau Twins song, where I don't know all of what he is saying, but who cares?

10. OK Go | All Is Not Lost
This record is great. I know the OK Go guys, and I know Dave Fridmann, independently. This song/record always makes me smile, like anything does when your friends do something really great.