WARMER MIXTAPES #646 | by Andreas Breuer [Andi Bricks]

It's kind of hard to tell what my favorite songs are, you know, 'cause in my opinion there is so much music out there and so many talented artists that is hard to pick out my top 10. Anyways I put my top 10 down.

1. Mac Miller | Best Day Ever
From his mixtape Best Day Ever. It reminds me of the best summer of my life. I went with four friends out for a trip and we just killed that song. I just fall in Love with it. It gives you the best mood and I guarantee you, if you listen to that song, you will have a good time no matter what you are doing.

2. Mac Miller | Missed Calls
Dope Song. I listened to it for over a year now and I'm still not sick of it. You know, I just love how it's build up, in that kind of Dialogue thing.

3. The Beatles | Let It Be
My favorite Beatles song. I actually don't know why. I just always want to sing along with it when it's coming up.

4. John Lennon | Imagine
John Lennon is maybe one of the most inspiring artists, ever. Just a great dude with awesome talent! Rest in Peace!

5. Zion I | Coastin' (feat. K. Flay)
Such a chill song, which reminds me of my time in Canada. I lived in Canada for an year and it was pretty awesome and this song brings back good memories.

6. Mac Miller | Loud
Mac Miller is my favorite artist at the moment! He's kind of an idol for me, 20 years old and he is just ballin' it. He believed in his dreams and showed everyone that with hard work your dreams can come true and Loud is just a crazy ass song with a mind blowin' beat. Thumbs up for Mac Miller!

7. Billy Talent | Pins And Needles
Billy Talent is definitely my favorite Rock Band. Recently I went to a concert and I just love all their songs. Amazing and handsome band with awesome messages!

8. U2 | Sunday Bloody Sunday
Just a good old song with just an amazing message to the listeners. Just an amazing song, there is not much to add.

9. Linkin Park | In The End
Definitely one of the greatest songs I know. I just love the mix of Chester's amazing voice and Mike's rap. The song just connects my two favorite genres Hip-Hop and Rock, which is awesome.

10. Jeff Buckley | Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen Cover)
It's a great song with a amazing Instrumental part. You know, I've been playing guitar for almost 6 years and that might be the reason I love this song so much. It also might be the best song to listen to when you have a bad mood.