WARMER MIXTAPES #647 | by Nick Perloff [Flaxo]

1. Burial | Ghost Hardware
I debated a lot about which Burial track to put on there, because all of Untrue, his second album, is just beautiful and fantastic. This one captures everything I love about his sound - the voices just fade in and out of nowhere, the rhythm is Awkward and Motoric at the same time, and the whole song just aches with Disillusioned Passion.

2. Kavinsky | Nightcall
Amazing Driving song, not coincidentally featured in Drive. Again, this is a song that feels like a call from behind a Technological curtain. Even the female vocals on this track, which are pretty standard Indie-Pop, just feel so Robotic and Sexy.

3. Foxes | Youth
I've always been curious about the intersection of Folk and Pop, and a lot of iterations are just Embarrassing and Poor, but this song just utilizes amazing instrumental orchestration and vocal fireworks. It's a song that's totally Anthemic and Intimate at the same time.

4. Mr. Little Jeans | The Suburbs (Arcade Fire Cover)
By now you can probably tell that I like Distanced, Disillusioned Female vocalists. But Mr. Little Jeans just epitomizes the sound. The song is so Lethargic and Atmospheric, it's almost difficult to stay focused listening. It's also a fantastic Driving song.

5. Geographer | Kites
I'm originally from San Francisco, and I saw Geographer for the first time right before I left for College at Outside Lands. There's this Proliferation of Synth-Pop that's awesome in the Bay Area, but this stuff really has Heart and Talent. It's also a confluence of Live instrumentation and Synth work that is blended totally Seamlessly.

6. Kaskade & Skrillex | Lick It (Kaskade's ICE Mix)
Kaskade has always interested me because for a Dance Music producer, he's Incredibly Versatile. Even compared to the original track, which is your signature 4-On-The-Floor in your face track, this is Radically Different. I really admire Kaskade for having the guts to put out stuff like this in tandem with his more Commercial work.

7. Major Lazer | Get Free (feat. Amber Coffman of Dirty Projectors)
This vocal is just fantastic. The alternation between Dancehall wails and Dirty Projectors-style vocal harmonizations is so catchy. The Simplicity of the beat also lends itself to slow, subtle changes that really reward multiple listens.

8. Kotchy | Sing What You Want (Rusko Skwee Remix)
Most people know Rusko for his later Brostep work, some of which is Impressive and some of which is pretty Abhorrent, but this early work is catchy in the best sense. The sampling is really Precise and the Rhythmic Articulations are so Swung and Live for a nearly entirely sampled song.

9. Kennedy | Karate
Normally direct homages feel really Lazy and Obvious to me, but this track, written and produced by a former member of the Silversun Pickups, of all bands, is so Parody-rich that it's fantastic. The chorus, Completely Ridiculous and Fun, is just Immaculately Written.

10. Jogger | Gorilla Meat
This tragically underrated LA act combines Live guitar and vocals with intense sampling and Ableton usage, and the result is really Incredible and Intimate. Despite the fact that almost the entirety of the song is Reverb and Delay tricks, it manages to really hold your attention and feel like an Honest Artistic Expression by two gearheads.