WARMER MIXTAPES #654 | by Scott Schneider [Scotty Shook]

1. Gravediggaz | Diary Of A Madman
It was one of the first Hip Hop tracks that I ever heard and it took me to a dark place that has influenced my style ever since. I've been examined ever since I was semen. They took a sonogram and saw a image of a demon.

2. Miike Snow | Burial
Miike Snow has been one of my favorite artist for the last couple years. I have tried to blend Hip Hop and Pop together in a lot of my work and his style of singing has helped me take that to the next level.

3. Wu-Tang Clan | Reunited
I was 16 when this song dropped and can still remember the day I bought the album, Wu-Tang Forever. I was at a ditch party and some chick dropped a twenty on the ground. I stepped on it while my friend distracted her, then we walked to the store and bought it. The song is everything a Hip Hop collaboration should be.

4. Counting Crows | A Murder Of One
I would describe myself as a Poet and a Recording Artist. The lyrics found in this track are incredible and they tell a story which is my goal in everything I write.

5. Sublime | Doin' Time (George Gershwin's 'Summertime' Cover)
I grew up in Southern California in the 80's and 90's and the vibe surrounding this song is a direct reflection of my attitude during that point in my life.

6. Keith Murray | The Most Beautifullest Thing In This World
Just a all around sick track. Keith's ability to make the most difficult rhyme scheme seem easy has always impressed me and driven me to practice every line until it is perfect before I spit it.

7. Onyx | Last Dayz
From start to finish Onyx comes hard on every track. This is my personal motto and growing up listening to Last Dayz reminded me constantly of the level of Intensity I'd be dealing with if I ever made it in the game.

8. Red Hot Chili Peppers | Under The Bridge
I rap because I can't sing, but I always sing along to this song. There's something about it that makes me believe in myself enough to incorporate at least some singing into my work which eventually led to my unique style.

9. Beastie Boys | Paul Revere
As a white kid growing up in SoCal, there weren't very many White Rapper Role Models to look up to or emulate. This song was my go to practice track. I can spit it forwards and backwards to this day.

10. Tech N9ne | The Industry Is Punks
I was losing faith in Rap around the time this song dropped and it was like a lyrical rebirth for me. It revitalized my love of Rap and to this day, in my opinion, is still one of the Dopest and Realist joint I've ever heard.