WARMER MIXTAPES #653 | by Mark Laba [Flashback]

1. Sarah McLachlan | Angel
Hands down... The most beautiful song ever created. Listened to this song when I was very young and has stuck with me ever since.

2. Donna Lewis | I Love You Always Forever
I heard this track play on the radio when I was around 5 or 6 years old and instantly fell in love it. Definitely made a massive impact on the Pop culture in the mid 1990’s.

3. Christopher Cross | Sailing
Breathtaking. Can do a lot of Soul Searching with this track.

4. Disclosure | Latch (feat. Sam Smith)
Gives me goosebumps every single time I hear this track and a heart rate that is impossible to measure. This track is definitely one of the greatest things to be created after artists like: Daft Punk, Stardust, Modjo, Mylo, Roger Sanchez and many more. Definitely will stick around the electronic scene for many years to come.

5. Aaliyah | One In A Million
One of my All Time Female Vocalists in the R&B/Hip Hop genre. Aaliyah singing in One In A Million is so Smooth and Seductive that it gives me the feeling of Vertigo everytime I play it.

6. Mark Morrison | Return Of The Mack
A song that has a profound effect on the Long Term Memory because of its Emotional Drive.

7. All Saints | Pure Shores
Pure Shores makes me feel like packing up my bags and flying away to Thailand or some remote island where the days are hot and the nights are cool.

8. Active Child | When Your Love Is Safe (Classixx Remix)
Words cannot describe this one.

9. Nas | Street Dreams (feat. R. Kelly) (Remix)
Truly the golden era of Hip Hop. Extremely underrated and one of the greatest MC's ever.

10. Foxy Brown | Get Me Home (feat. Blackstreet)
Absolute Jam! This has to be one of the sexiest songs and videos of the 90's.

+11. Stardust | Music Sounds Better With You
Favourite Club tune of All Time. The sampling and vocal work are so incredibly catchy and hypnotizing that it will never get old. Definitely destroys the dancefloors every single time.

+12. Robin S | Show Me Love
Club Classic of the 90’s era. Love the distorted short note bass drops and those beautiful House organ keys. The vocals infused with the instrumental just make this track so Overpowering.

+13. Robert Manos | Madness
One word... Amazing. The Greatest D&B tune of All Time for me.