WARMER MIXTAPES #666 | by Norman Palm and Ville Haimala (Renaissance Man) of Millennium

SIDE A | by Norman Palm

1. Fenster | The Hunter
The Fenster album is full of beautiful Background Noise. You can hear Rustling, steps, Squeaking, things seem to be moved from here to there, a door slams. It's like following a mysterious Radio drama. On The Hunter Jonathan sings It's just another thing you can't control, which I always took as the main line for the record. It seems to just happen, gently, a little out of control, Effortless and Intimately.

2. The Durutti Column | Another Setting
Strangely Ethereal and Loopy, came out in 1984 on Factory. Very delicate and beautiful stuff.

3. Connan Mockasin | Forever Dolphin Love
I met Connan at a small festival at the French Riviera. He has just the out-of-this-World friendly Zen aura his music suggests he has. When the festival ended we had a drink at the beach and someone suggested to throw our empty glasses into the dark sea. Naturally Connan refused. Forever Dolphin Love.

4. Herbert | It's Only
Before I would run from you, but now I come to you. Strangely I had never liked this album as much as now it was re-released. Sometimes I need a bit longer to like something. But once it clicks obsessive behaviour is not uncommon.

5. Julia Holter | In The Same Room
Same with Julia Holter. But then I ended up listening to not much else in 2012. In the record shop around the block they file it under Singer/Songwriter which makes a lot of sense to me.

6. Andy Stott | Numb
Then came Andy Stott. One out of 8 brilliant tracks on Luxury Problems. Been listening to it over and over.

7. Talking Heads | This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)
Byrne's book How Music Works made me dig into Byrne's music again. Byrne has this theory about Making Music For Different Spaces and not long after finishing the book I enjoyed This Must Be The Place playing in the supermarket.

8. K-X-P | Melody
Amazing new track by K-X-P. Starts off pretty Nasty and Energetic and then turns into a Lunatic Dada Kraut hymn. The Millennium studios are shared with Mr. Kaukolampi from K-X-P so we're highly biased and very excited about the new record.

9. My Bloody Valentine | In Another Way
Pretty clever to release the new My Bloody Valentine album on a Saturday night, so that everybody would make friends with it on a lazy, rainy Sunday morning. So did I, already loving it. In Another Way was my favourite so far.

10. Moebius | Furbo
I love this. It's Technical and Very Dry but then Slightly Silly and Mischievous. Very German, too. I was getting back to this stuff lately.

SIDE B | by Ville Haimala

1. Planningtorock | Misogyny Drop Dead
This track completely blew me away when I first heard it last week! I've known for a long time that she's an Exceptional Artist and this proves it once again. Good sides of being in Berlin is that there is a very open-minded scene for New Music and brave new aesthetics. It's not only about Techno anymore.

2. Dan Bodan | Anonymous
Another Berlin friend. I've been following Dan's stuff for a while and played with him couple of time the past months. This particular track is not released yet but I heard it few times live and it's great! Produced by M.E.S.H.

3. Madteo | Rugrats Don't Techno For An Answer
This record came out on a legendary Sähkö Recordings from my home town Helsinki. Amazing Hybrid of Techno and some Drake vocals in a very Abstract mixture.

4. Syclops | Jump Bugs
Maurice Fulton has a very Unique sound and approach to Music. He never disappoints.

5. ADULT. | Shari Vari (A Number Of Names Cover)
As a teenager I was introduced to a lot of Electronic Music through the very Vibrant Electro scene in Helsinki in the early 2000s. The original Shari Vari version by A Number Of Names was obviously a Central figure and so was ADULT. Now they are back and just put out their version of the Classic tune.

6. Lōtic | Sankofa
Another Berlin talent. I've only heard like three tracks from him but they all have this Thick, Rolling, Abstract Techno vibe that I enjoy a lot.

7. XTC | Functions On The Low
I didn't even remember owning this track, but I bumped into it when I went through my Music archives few weeks back. Great Instrumental Grime that could be the theme tune for Monkey Island 5.

8. Jai Paul | Flip Out (Demo Version)
Another Abstract and Brave upcoming Pop act. I envy the production on this one so much.

9. Arca | Meditation
I've been following the UNO NYC label for a while and this album from Arca is one of their key releases to me. Beautiful, Undefinable and Surprising Music.

10. Tinashe | Boss
I have a weak spot for this type of Epic and Melodic R’n’B. After Cassie I couldn't really find anything Incredible before bumped into Tinashe. This track particularly has been an anthem at my house lately.