WARMER MIXTAPES #667 | by Claudiu ┼×erban [Just-C]

1. Emil Lassaria | Balada
When I hear this song and that violin immediately get goosebumps. It’s a great song to hear at 4am when you’re still in the club, or when you’re driving. I love its vibe.

2. Chicane | Saltwater
I believe that this song is certainly a classic. I remember I was much younger and at that moment this song went on and on in my headphones. Music is a big part of our lives and this song has enough substance to energize you.

3. Robbie Williams | She's The One
Well, I know that this song is probably the favorite of lots and lots of people, but, man, it should be that way 'cause its Simply Perfect. I mean, thru this song I can just teleport my self back in Time when this song was a real dedication to someone. Oh, such great memories I have with this song.

4. Guns N' Roses | November Rain
Still in the Love department, November Rain MUST have a place of its own in my mixtape. Everyone had a love, a great love or will have it, and this kind of songs remain greatly imprinted in our memory because they simply speak what we feel.

5. Eminem | Without Me
When I was at Puberty Eminem was my refuge. Funnily enough, I never stopped listening to him. It makes me remember how much I loved not giving a fuck and being a rebel in my way. Funny Childhood.

6. House Of Pain | Jump Around
With this song I’ve had the Absolute Greatest Summer. I mean drinks, dance, sex and, of course, jumping all daylong. I remember that after some time my body just gave up and I slept for like a week. You should see the pictures...

7. Florence And The Machine | Heartlines
You know that moment in which you are at a crossroads and someone that matters to you dedicates a song that gives you just the right impulse?! Well, this is the dedicated song.

8. ATB | Humanity
I love the music that ATB makes. The songs that he has in his playlist are so full of energy that in a concert makes you believe you can fly. Not too long ago I went to a concert with ATB at Kasho Club and I had a great, great time. This guy really feels the Music and it is succesful in making his audience feeling it too.

9. Lykke Li | I Follow Rivers
I can’t say that this song is really my favorite. It is a greatly appreciated song. But I’ve had a problem with it. You know that moment in which you want to forget something but you just can’t because a song reminds you of that thing over and over again and it seems like it has a power of its own and it’s definitely following you everywhere you go?! Well, this song has done just that for me the last year.

10. David Guetta | She Wolf (Falling To Pieces) (feat. Sia)
This song is really growing on me. It feels so fresh and the voice of Sia is just great. I love the direction that David Guetta seems to go.